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Feb 7, 2007 01:27 PM

Possible to bond aluminum to my SS cookware?

Ok, have seen this mentioned but I did a search and come up with nothing. I have a set of four stainless steel pots and pans I purchased at Dehillerin in Paris about 8 years ago (before I knew enough to look for an aluminum or copper layer). They are thick, high quality stainless steel with brass handles and have no identification except for a "made in france" stamp. They have been great but I get hot spots and have trouble with uneven cooking. I've got a common cheap gas range.
I would love to have aluminum discs bonded to these pans for more even heating but I can't find a source. They have some sentimental value, so I wouldn't mind spending some cash to do this. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Grubbjunkie; I believe it would need to be done from the manufacturing state with special tooling and press dies to fuse a clad bottom to them. Price would be outrageous I am afraid.

    I think you would be far better with a disc device called a "Flame Tamer". Just do a google search for those.


    1. Try a welding shop. The process may be called brazing (not braising, like a pot roast) which is bonding one metal to another and it may be possible to have a choice of metals, including copper. The process is similar to soldering but at a much higher heat.

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        MakingSense; I had already explored that option many years ago, and the welding shops I went to advised against it. The expense was enough for me, however there was no way to guarantee against warpage or satisfactory bonding of the materials.

        The one welding shop I went to, had some plasma cut cold rolled steel discs that was going for a bargain. ($15 for the 12 inch circles 1/2 inch thick) Those were 10 times better than than a flame tamer on any smaller diameter pans. Unfortuately, it got lost in a move and I really miss it.


      2. I agree that it's probably not feasible to do what you suggest, and likely prohibitively expensive even if possible. Along the lines of the Flame Tamer suggestion, there's a company (here: ) that sells solid copper heat diffusers. One of those might be just the thing for getting more even cooking out of your cookware.

        1. If they are thick pots with brass handles I would be prepared to bet that they have at least a aluminum, if not copper, inset in the base. Pure steel pots are rare these days and generally found at the cheaper end of the market.

          1. Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.