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Feb 7, 2007 01:16 PM

Breakfast & Lunch choices in Bonaire

DH & I leave this weekend for a week on Bonaire. We have several recommendations for dinners (Cactus Blue, Richard's, etc.), but are looking for some ideas for breakfast and lunch. And what are your favorite items to order there? Thanks!

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  1. Breakfast at Den Laman or City Cafe...not many other choices to recommend. Lunches at Le Flamboyant (lovely garden and cool and refreshing), Bistro de Paris for lovely Panini's, Rum Runner's Salads on the seaside, Kontiki with great windy setting and views of Lac Bay, Hang out Bar or Bonaire Windsurf Place bar for salads and local foods, and Antriol Catering for local eats. My Sunday favorite is Rose Inn for local foods (Rincon).


    1. Be sure to try some of the local "snacks" roadside stands that serve local fare.The Goat Stew (kobrita stoba -sp..?) is excellent!
      The Rose Inn is fantastic..a must stop for me!

      Enjoy Bonaire-Its a fabulous little Island!

      1. Can you give an update on your trip to Bonaire and how you found the dining?

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          Hi jwobkk, I live in Bonaire....what can I share with you, with pleasure? Here is a little snap of what I sent my clients (I own a travel biz):

          DINING: My favs: (please tell the owners I sent you so they know I support their establishment)

          Capriccios for Italian. Lola is a great lady. Ask her to make a wine (check out her wine's staggering) and meal recommendation. Eat inside in a booth but bring a sweater as the AC is chilly.

          El Fagon on the Sorobon winding road is fabulous for garlic shrimp and local fish with delicious sauces (chimichurri). Cheap too!

          Havana (across from Cocos) has great cigars, drinks and my fav, a Caiprahinas!

          Rose Inn in Rincon has great local food (fish, ribs and goat). They are closed on Wed. and stop serving at 6. Sunday lunch is a great time for food.

          Wil's Grill has the only 3 star Michelin chef and a to die for menu! Call ahead to reserve the sampler menu. His apps are amazing.

          Cactus Blue is on Abraham Blvd. They have the best apps and tuna sashimi.

          Richards has the best oceanfront setting. The service and food are consistent and the owner is charming.

          Patagonia at the light house located at the Harbour Village Marina They have the great Argentinian meats.

          Mona Lisa in town is a fav for fish and lovely wines. The Bar Hap is 20,00 N/13.00 USD at a table in the bar.

          La Flamboyant is my favorite lunch stop. The garden setting is cool and breezy.

          Bistro de Paris has wonderful dinners, lunches and desserts. Their Snapper is amazing and only 14.50 USD.

          MY SUPER FAV SECRET SPOT: Bobbijan's BBQ in town. Open Fri. - Sun. it is 10 USD pp for the BEST bbq anywhere.

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            Oh BTW, I am not a breakfast person but Den Leman serves an 8.00 USD breakfast run by a lovely couple, Sonia and Edy. They make fresh pumpkin pancakes, banana breads and other items typical for breakfast. The seaside setting is magical.

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              Luci - much thanks for the information!!!! Can't wait to visit Bonaire!

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                I just returned from a week in Bonaire and I'm happy to report there are several great restaurants to enjoy. I visited El Fagon, Warang Louise, Mona Lisa, Cactus Blue, Capriccios and Rum Runners. All were good. My favorite meal was at Capriccio where I went back a second time due to the outstanding wine list, friendly owners and excellent food. I missed out on a couple places because they were closed or just didn't have enough time so I will have to come back. The places I will visit next time include Bistro de Paris (food looked great), Richard's (closed for holiday), Will's (closed for holiday) and Bobbijian's BBQ (I talked to many people who loved this place). Really a fantastic place to dive if that is your thing.

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                City Cafe was about as good as it got for breakfasts. El Fogon ("the Colombian place") was EXCELLENT for lunch. We tried several items---I had the garlic shrimp which was outstanding, while DH had fish (can't remember if it was wahoo or dorado, but it was also terrific). Be sure to add the sauces which will be brought to your table---delicious! We also had the soup---beef rib, I think---that was also wonderful. EVERYTHING was very fresh and flavorful. Friendly service. And they'll gladly give you a menu in English if you ask!
                Another good lunch spot was Maiky Snak. Low on ambiance (you'll dine next to the goat pen!), but the food was very well-prepared. DH loved the goat stew, I had the fish which was in a sort of creole sauce and was very tasty.
                Enjoy your trip!

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                  Thank you Anne...looking forward to Bonaire...sounds likes some good eats to be had.

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                    please take care of that tan doggie at El Fagon...some fact have some canned dog food in the car to feed to the street dogs..

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                      this is the best place for fresh fish on the island? what types of fish are common on menus in Bonaire?

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                        Anyone have any thoughts on Blue Moon? gives it a good review. The problem with their reviews is that they are so dated. I like to triangulate such a review with a recent post. Thanks!

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                          Blue Moon closed last year.

                          We always have Dradu and Wahoo. Dradu is the Papiamento word for Mahi Mahi. Make sure you ask the staff not to overcook it. Bistro de Paris has lovely red snapper for 26,00 ANG/15.00 USD. Mona Lisa has a super deal, Bar Hap (eat outside or at the tables in the bar) for 13.00 USD. The fish special is always great. This is one of Bonaire's best places to eat, IMHO. Wil's Grill has super fresh fish. He is located near Exito Bakery and Movieland. The blackboard outside will announce his specials. His wife will NOT serve frozen fish unless it's very good quality from FL. I love the tuna sashimi at Cactus Blue. We have fresh tuna sometimes. Grouper is rare.

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                            Thanks so much for all of this valuable are awesome!

                2. re: jwobkk

                  If anyone is going to Bonaire, you HAVE to try Gio's Ice Cream. It's on Kaya Grandi (the street with all the boutiques and the pharmacy).

                  They have the best ice cream you'll ever try.

                  It's all freshly made and, and the store is not a chain.

                  BE WARNED: once you go, you will find yourself coming back every time you are in the area. I know I do.

                  ***THEY ONLY TAKE CASH***