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Feb 7, 2007 12:58 PM

D'Aqua by Navy Memorial


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  1. Oops I meant to ask if anyone has tried this place yet.

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    1. re: GregJ

      I'm curious too; I have a reservation for Firday evening.

    2. I tried it for lunch recently. We had a fried seafood appetizer that we split between the two of us. It was nicely fried with very little grease. Only downside is that it needed some kind of dipping sauce - it cried out for some kind of flavoring. For my main dish, I had broccoli rabe on the side and one of the choices offered by the pound - fresh fish. I had the pompano. It was quite expensive and I had very little, given that the fish was deboned after being grilled right at my table. My friend had pasta, which seemed a bit more substantial, although it wasn't anything remarkable.

      I liked some of the ideas, but thought the execution was off, thus far. After a few tweaks, it might not be a bad spot, but it is pricey for a lunchtime destination and I felt hungry afterwards.

      1. To followup, we had dinner there Friday night. We both had the same opinion: good food, good service, we enjoyed it but it was not special and while we would go back, we wouldn't hurry.

        D'Acqua has a unique niche. It is an Italian seafood restaurant. There are just a few meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu. One interesting feature is a seafood bar where you can pick the fish, lobster, whaever, that you will eat [whole fish only]. Not many people seemed to choose this option.

        Details ..... We had a very good bottle of Chianti. The server suggested it (after I asked) and we both liked it very much and it was very reasonably prices ($58). The appeitizers were huge. If you go as a couple, order one and share. If you are a single, consider an appetizer and a salad as a meak. I had chicken breast ragout with wild mushrooms and baby vegetables served in a pastry shell. There were no "baby" veegetables, just pieces cut small. Nothing about the dish struck me as Italian but it was very good. My GF had fried seafood. There were shrimp (3), baby anchovies, and a lot of calamari. The shrimp were excellent, the anchovies diffferent and fun, the calamari a little chewy. The dish screamed out, however, for a dipping sauce. Even just plain old marina sauce. [By the way, this is northern Itailian; there is not a red sauce on the menu.]

        For an entree [which was smaller than the appetizer ], I had seafood ravioli in a lemon sauce. It was different (the reason I ordered it). Unfortuantly, even with the sauce, the large triangular ravioli were a little dried out on top (sitting on the service counter to be delivered?). The pasta portion was a little too al dente for my taste. She had linguini with clams. She was unimpressed.

        For dessert, I had profiterols filled with lemon custard and with a white chocolate sauce. The sauce had hardened slightly (again waiting delivery?) but was excellent. A different approach to a French classic [in an Italian restaurant?] and very tasty. She had a pear struddle which was prepared and served in sort of spring roll fashion. An Italian take on a German classic?

        In summary, the ambiance was nice [relatively quiet, uncrowded tables], good service, and a few interesting and tasty food items but overall the food did not make us want to rush back. I think I'll give it 6 months or so to mature and try again.

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        1. re: Dakota Guy

          Thanks DG. I'm sure your familiar with the makings of this restaurant, including Franchesco Ricci from Cesco in Bethesda. How were the prices? I've heard they are at the top of the Washington offerings. And was it full? I've heard it's a big place. I'll be curious to see the "professional" reviews.

          1. re: Pappy

            The restaurant is much larger than I expected or than as it appears as you enter. It is a series of rooms extending back along the windows facing the Navy Memorial. Although it is quite large, you don't have that feeling even while inside.

            We ate early [pre-theater] on a Friday night. Arrived about 6:00pm and left about 7:30pm. When we left, the restaurant appeared to be about half full and increasing.

            I consider the prices to be moderate. We had two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, a bottle of wine, and a capucinno for $200 [including tax and tip].