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Feb 7, 2007 12:50 PM

valentines day indian- need help

Both the wife's and my work schedules mean that we have to celebrate vday the day after- which will be good because we won't get suckered- my question is- could anyone recommend an indian restaurant that is amazing- romantic- and not RIDICULOUSLY expensive? Thanks much.

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  1. You may want to consider Devi, you can check their website:
    I went there once and really enjoyed the desserts, I don't like spicy (hot pepper) food, so it was the wrong place for me but the friend I went with liked very much.

    1. Tamarind is a good choice (on 22nd)

      1. I second Devi...had a great Valentine's menu. And tamarind is always good!

        1. Devi would also be my rec. The superb cuisine is some of the best anywhere, and the space on two levels has unique, elegant decor. For added coziness and a romantic feel, ask to be seated in one of the curtained alcoves at the rear of the main level. While it is upscale as Indian restaurants go, considering the high quality of the cuisine and the overall ambiance, I don't consider it ridiculously expensive.

          1. We like Bread Bar @ Tabla. A bit different, but it's chill, cozy, and always delicious.