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Hot dogs phx/scttsdl

Elmo Feb 7, 2007 12:48 PM

My husband LOVES hot dogs but we haven't found a great one yet.

He's tried the Chicago place on Scottsdale/Thunderbird, pretty good. Ted's in Tempe wasn't so great. The fries were fried in rancid oil, I think. Should we give it another shot?

Personally, I like the turkey dog at Wienerschnitzel (sp), because I don't eat red meat and the HAVE a turkey dog. Ha ha.

And, on a tangential subject....has anyone been to the sausage house in mid-phx? Do they make sandwiches or is it just a place to buy sausages?

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  1. johnseberg RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 12:57 PM

    Schreiner's Fine Sausage? I'm sure you'll get feedback. It's on my list.
    3601 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

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    1. re: johnseberg
      johnseberg RE: johnseberg Feb 16, 2007 09:20 PM

      I went to Schreiner's, today. I just bought some sauages to take home. They have a very wide variety.

      They also have some tables outside, where you can eat. They sell a "brown bag special" for $3.95 M-F until 4:00pm that is your choice of about 5 different sausages with up to 5 toppings, chips, and a can of soda.

    2. mamamia RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 01:28 PM

      Give Ted's another try.

      There's Zipps, which is across the street from Ted's. It bills itself as Chicago style.

      There's also a Chicago style place called Johnnie's on Thomas/1st Ave.

      1. m
        Max Fischer RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 03:04 PM

        Chicago Hamburger Company on Indian School and 38th street is great.

        Also, Luke's Italian Beef on 16th Street and Indian School is great, but they have the worst service in the world

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        1. re: Max Fischer
          madkono RE: Max Fischer Oct 16, 2007 12:44 PM

          i guess you gotta be from chicago to like this place. italian bread was made to hold in the juices, not dunk it into grease! boiled peppers? the only time you'll see me by luke's, is passing by!!!!!

        2. m
          Molto E RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 04:46 PM

          I did not like Zipp's across from Ted's at all

          I think the dogs, brats, and sausages are good at Ted's and if you go during lunch the line is wrapped around the place. I am not that enthralled with their fries and rings.

          If you want to go for a very different experience, Nogales Hot Dogs at Indian School and 20th street is the ticket. They set up their stand and tables in the evenings and there are usually people there chowing dogs. The dogs there are dressed with toppings that are not TRADITIONAL to say the least...buns-good, bacon, mayo-I know but go with it, beans-franks and beans, so I can see that, you can also put guacomole, cheese, jalapenos and I think salsa. I went there the other night for the first time and definitely would go back.

          1. z
            ziggylu RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 05:33 PM

            We like Ted's. Have never tried the fries but like the onion rings fresh out of the oil(not so much after they've been sitting).

            We've been to Zipp's once and didn't like it at all. Neither of us finished our dogs. Haven't been back since.

            I buy the hot dogs at Von Hanson's(near Alma School and Warner in Chandler) from time to time. We like those a lot for home use when we're craving a dog off our own grill.

            1. ajs228 RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 05:43 PM

              I second the Chicago Hamburger Co. Also, try Cubs Park on Bell and 40th st.

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              1. re: ajs228
                desertdweller RE: ajs228 Apr 22, 2009 10:52 AM

                Cubs Park is closed now.

              2. twodogs RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 07:22 PM

                Haven't been to Ted's in a awhile but it's always been one of my favorites in that part of the valley.They've always had really good onion rings,not all breading,but lightly coated and crisp.Also good dogs and burgers,I would definitely give them another try.

                1. geg5150 RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 07:24 PM

                  What do y'all know about Gus the Chicago Hot Dog guy in Central Phoenix? He had a little cart and sate just on east of 16th Street on Myrtle Street between Glendale and Morton. I hate to say that I live 1/4 of a mile from there and have never stopped. He's been there for years during the week from 10:30 to 1ish or so. I just realized the other day that I haven't seen him in forever. Does anyone know the scoop or ever try the dogs? I hear they were/are fab.

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                  1. re: geg5150
                    silverbear RE: geg5150 Feb 28, 2007 08:19 AM

                    Gus is my neighbor. It took me a while to catch up with him, but he reports that he's still in the hot dog business, but no longer at the location mentioned above. Instead, he's working various sites along Camelback Road, including some of the car dealerships there.

                    1. re: silverbear
                      geg5150 RE: silverbear Mar 1, 2007 01:36 PM

                      Thanks for the update...since I hadn't heard and update, I was kinda expecting the worst. So glad to hear that all is well.

                    2. re: geg5150
                      Asudarshan RE: geg5150 Oct 28, 2008 09:02 AM


                      Any idea where Gus is today. Last I saw him he said he was heading to Chicago for the summer and would be back 10/3 but I have not seen him at his usual spot on 16th Street between Northern and Glendale.

                      Help! I need my dogs.....


                      1. re: Asudarshan
                        Firenza00 RE: Asudarshan Oct 28, 2008 09:45 AM

                        GEG actually moved to Chicago herself earlier this year, so she might be out of the loop on Gus. :)

                        1. re: Firenza00
                          Asudarshan RE: Firenza00 Oct 28, 2008 10:48 AM


                          Mille grazie. I am thinking he must be back somewhere but I do not want to cruise around if I can avoid it.......

                          Oh well.


                        2. re: Asudarshan
                          silverbear RE: Asudarshan Oct 28, 2008 08:57 PM

                          As mentioned above, I live next door to Gus. He had moved back to the location off 16th St. about a year ago, but maybe things have changed again. I'll inquire next time I see him.

                          1. re: silverbear
                            Asudarshan RE: silverbear Oct 30, 2008 09:53 PM


                            Thanks. I thought he said he was going to Chicago and returning when it cooled off in the first week of October but no sign. I feel fuilty eating a hot dog anywhere else!


                      2. azhotdish RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 07:29 PM

                        Strange place I wouldn't normally recommend for food but the chili cheese dogs at Mickey's Hangover in Old Town are great! Goes down easier with a bucket of PBRs.

                        1. d
                          Doug in Mesa RE: Elmo Feb 7, 2007 10:12 PM

                          Agree with others to give Ted's another try. Also there is New York Sausage Co. on 3015 N Scottsdale Rd. She is from Syracuse (Ted is from Buffalo) and she nearly duplicates a very popular hot dog stand called Heids of Liverpool.

                          1. Firenza00 RE: Elmo Feb 28, 2007 08:26 AM

                            Welcome Diner. They start out by deep-frying the hot dog and then finish it up on the grill. I love them. :) And the homemade french fries are worth the trip themselves. It's around 9th Street and Roosevelt.

                            1. v
                              VictorLouis RE: Elmo Mar 2, 2007 11:43 AM

                              Speaking of the Mexican - dog experience....

                              There's a sweet young lady that sets-up on Thomas, just east of the I-17. I believe it's Tues-Sat. evening. She's about 100yds east of the Jack-in-the-Crack and on the north side of the road. She puts tables outsdide in the parking lot of a closed business.

                              You ought to order 'en toto', which is EVERYTHING.. You get a soft, warm French-style roll much better than any bun, a layer of cheddar(?), slice of deli ham, the dog(previously flame-grilled?), sauteed onions, guacamole, cooked jalapenos, Mexican white-cheese and probably a couple goodies I'm forgetting. I skip the jalapenos, and I swear it's the best dog experience, EVER.

                              Ted's is good, but I agree on the sides. They're not up to the taste of the brats and dogs. One thing about Ted's, however. If you stand and suffer through the long lunch line, go ahead and order MORE than you think you might eat. You may crave just ONE more weiner or brat, and you won't have to stand through that L I N E once again, LOL.

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                              1. re: VictorLouis
                                JK Grence the Cosmic Jester RE: VictorLouis Mar 2, 2007 01:55 PM

                                With everything would be "con todo". The d is very soft, almost to the point of being a softened "th" sound. Saying "toto" is certainly close enough.

                              2. v
                                VictorLouis RE: Elmo Mar 2, 2007 02:28 PM

                                LOL, my sophmore year of Spanglish comes through yet again!

                                1. f
                                  fastnoypi RE: Elmo Oct 25, 2007 07:30 PM

                                  Try dickies dogs on e. bell rd in scottsdale. They are chicago style and offer your choice of steamed or charred on the grill. Also offering turkey dogs my friend raves about. I personally go for the charred chicago dog and a grilled Italian sausage. If any room for dessert they have cheesecake on a stick ;)

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                                  1. re: fastnoypi
                                    ValleyFever RE: fastnoypi Oct 25, 2007 07:59 PM

                                    Dickies is overpriced for what is. Guess it goes with the area. The dogs are good, but stick to the dogs. Best thing about Dickies is that it is one of the few things in the area that isn't a chain.

                                    Frank-A-Lot on 40th st & Washington is awesome but store hours are pretty much m-f lunch time. It caters to Gateway Community College and the Gateway Center area businesses.

                                    1. re: ValleyFever
                                      fastnoypi RE: ValleyFever Oct 26, 2007 01:40 PM

                                      you're right...overpriced but there really isnt much in terms of selection for non chain casual food up in n.scottsdale that i've come across but none the less an option for the OP.

                                  2. s
                                    sistinas RE: Elmo Oct 26, 2007 09:46 AM

                                    I really like the chili dogs at Urban Campfire in Tempe. It's not a hot dog place per se, but the chili dog is a steal for $2.95. It comes with a side (yam planks, fries, cucumber dill salad, slaw, or baked beans) for $4.20, which is one of the cheapest, most filling, and tastiest lunches in town.

                                    1. k
                                      kmarg RE: Elmo Oct 26, 2007 11:09 PM

                                      Just did the Cincinnati chili dogs at Mickey's Hangover at happy hour today, Got to say they were not the glory god dogs of yesteryear. Fries were partially cooked, dogs were cold, cheese was unmelted, chili was ... off. But beers were cold and Fat Tire was $1. I;ll have to try to Urban Campfire soon. Our last try at 5 and Diner was alsos unsatisfying.

                                      1. azbirdiemaker RE: Elmo May 26, 2008 01:13 PM

                                        This is an older thread but I'll still jump in with a rec ...

                                        It's a bit out of the way for the central PHX folks but Joey's of Chicago on Carefree Highway makes a pretty tasty dog. I'm a big fan of the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage with onions and the Original Jumbo Chicago Dog. I've never really tried anything else other than the 'dogs but I'd like to try an Italian Beef sometime.

                                        Admittedly, I'm not a connoisseur of hot dogs but I really enjoy these every once and a while.


                                        Joey's of Chicago
                                        4705 East Carefree Highway, Cave Creek, AZ

                                        1. drewb123 RE: Elmo May 27, 2008 07:44 PM

                                          two hippies on 7th street and indian i think.. my husband juts had a dog and saussage the other day and it was VERY good.

                                          1. desertdweller RE: Elmo Apr 21, 2009 03:55 PM

                                            Somehow I found myself of the Chicago board reading about my beloved Chicago style hot dog and now I have to have one. Anyone have suggestions for the Scottsdale/NE Phoenix area for an authentic Chicago style dog?

                                            Dickie's is closed from what I hear. What's this place you mention on Scottsdale/TBird? I live close to there.

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                                            1. re: desertdweller
                                              johnseberg RE: desertdweller Apr 23, 2009 11:34 AM

                                              I don't remember the name, but, it's a typical cliche, like "Taste of Chicago". It's very close to Fresh Mint, NW of the intersection.

                                              1. re: johnseberg
                                                AnonymousWaitress RE: johnseberg Apr 26, 2009 07:18 PM

                                                No experience with this location but quite a few years ago there was a location at Mountain View and Hayden that was very very good.

                                                Taste of Chicago North
                                                13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

                                              2. re: desertdweller
                                                ccl1111 RE: desertdweller Apr 26, 2009 02:39 PM

                                                There's a cart that does Chicago dogs at OTFM. Not bad. They don't move very fast btw.

                                                Still have a couple places to try but luckily the Mrs. got tired of searching & replicated a mighty fine Chicago dog herself.

                                              3. b
                                                Bax RE: Elmo Apr 26, 2009 09:37 AM

                                                Two Hippies on Indian School does a pretty decent hot dog. Grilled, which is how I like 'em. Unfortunately I got mine to-go and the sauerkraut juice made the bun really soggy but otherwise it was very satisfying.

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                                                1. re: Bax
                                                  krugs84 RE: Bax Apr 27, 2009 04:54 PM

                                                  Lukes of Chicago at Raintree and the 101

                                                2. m
                                                  monti_cristo RE: Elmo Apr 30, 2009 07:31 PM

                                                  Ted's is my favorite. They take credit/debit cards now. I get the all beef with chili, cheese, hot sauce and onions....(the hot sauce is really good) of course i don't speak to anyone the rest of the day..... but it is well worth the price..... Gotta be there at 11 am or expect a ghastly wait..... 40 feet or more..... out the door.......by 11:45.............

                                                  Wiener schnitzel was good......... 40 years ago.........

                                                  I tried that now defunct place across the street...... Zipps...


                                                  1. Grey RE: Elmo May 2, 2009 04:17 AM

                                                    Well since it hasn't been already, let me know throw in a strong vote for the Roosevelt Tavern (Downtown - 3rd St, between Garfield and McKinley).

                                                    They serve a worthy, snappy beef dog. Steamed lightly in beer, topped with grilled onions, pickles and their popular grainy mustard. One of my favorite dogs in town.

                                                    816 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

                                                    1. desertdweller RE: Elmo May 2, 2009 09:36 PM

                                                      Just tried Uncle Al's today on Bell & Tatum. I had their chicago dog and natural cut fries. It was definitely a respectable rendition but the fries could have been cooked a bit longer. I watched her cut the fries specifically for my order and they tasted really fresh. They have a long menu of various types of dogs and sausages plus other stuff like italian beef, grilled cheese etc and a long list of various french fry sides.

                                                      I didn't realize they were a franchise with locations in other states. I'll definitely go back.

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                                                      1. re: desertdweller
                                                        ziggylu RE: desertdweller May 2, 2009 09:50 PM

                                                        adding link

                                                        1. re: ziggylu
                                                          desertdweller RE: ziggylu May 2, 2009 10:22 PM

                                                          I thought I had added the link to my post as well. Chow seems to be having technical difficulties.

                                                          Famous Uncle Al's Hot Dogs
                                                          4727 E Bell Rd # 31, Phoenix, AZ

                                                      2. z
                                                        ziggylu RE: Elmo May 2, 2009 09:48 PM

                                                        We went to Joe's Farm Grill with the family tonight. I wasn't in the mood for a big hamburger or the ahi sandwich and no one wanted to split a pizza with me, so I went with the simple grilled hot dog(with those delicious sweet potato fries). Not Chicago style and no fancy preparations or condiments (I was happy with a bit of mustard and ketchup- with apologies to the "no ketchup on hot dogs!" crowd) but tasty nonetheless. If in the Gilbert area you might want to give it a try.

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                                                        1. re: ziggylu
                                                          ziggylu RE: ziggylu May 2, 2009 10:55 PM

                                                          third try trying to add joe's link.

                                                          OK I give up. Here's the website which is more useful anyhow: http://www.joesfarmgrill.com/

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