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Feb 7, 2007 12:48 PM

Hot dogs phx/scttsdl

My husband LOVES hot dogs but we haven't found a great one yet.

He's tried the Chicago place on Scottsdale/Thunderbird, pretty good. Ted's in Tempe wasn't so great. The fries were fried in rancid oil, I think. Should we give it another shot?

Personally, I like the turkey dog at Wienerschnitzel (sp), because I don't eat red meat and the HAVE a turkey dog. Ha ha.

And, on a tangential subject....has anyone been to the sausage house in mid-phx? Do they make sandwiches or is it just a place to buy sausages?

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  1. Schreiner's Fine Sausage? I'm sure you'll get feedback. It's on my list.
    3601 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

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    1. re: johnseberg

      I went to Schreiner's, today. I just bought some sauages to take home. They have a very wide variety.

      They also have some tables outside, where you can eat. They sell a "brown bag special" for $3.95 M-F until 4:00pm that is your choice of about 5 different sausages with up to 5 toppings, chips, and a can of soda.

    2. Give Ted's another try.

      There's Zipps, which is across the street from Ted's. It bills itself as Chicago style.

      There's also a Chicago style place called Johnnie's on Thomas/1st Ave.

      1. Chicago Hamburger Company on Indian School and 38th street is great.

        Also, Luke's Italian Beef on 16th Street and Indian School is great, but they have the worst service in the world

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        1. re: Max Fischer

          i guess you gotta be from chicago to like this place. italian bread was made to hold in the juices, not dunk it into grease! boiled peppers? the only time you'll see me by luke's, is passing by!!!!!

        2. I did not like Zipp's across from Ted's at all

          I think the dogs, brats, and sausages are good at Ted's and if you go during lunch the line is wrapped around the place. I am not that enthralled with their fries and rings.

          If you want to go for a very different experience, Nogales Hot Dogs at Indian School and 20th street is the ticket. They set up their stand and tables in the evenings and there are usually people there chowing dogs. The dogs there are dressed with toppings that are not TRADITIONAL to say the least...buns-good, bacon, mayo-I know but go with it, beans-franks and beans, so I can see that, you can also put guacomole, cheese, jalapenos and I think salsa. I went there the other night for the first time and definitely would go back.

          1. We like Ted's. Have never tried the fries but like the onion rings fresh out of the oil(not so much after they've been sitting).

            We've been to Zipp's once and didn't like it at all. Neither of us finished our dogs. Haven't been back since.

            I buy the hot dogs at Von Hanson's(near Alma School and Warner in Chandler) from time to time. We like those a lot for home use when we're craving a dog off our own grill.