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Are you making a specialty food?

Grocery Delivery?

mellycooks Feb 7, 2007 12:41 PM

Does anyone have some experience with getting some or all of your groceries delivered? I'm thinking this would be a great time saver on a semi-regular basis and I'd love to get some feedback. I'm located in Silverlake BTW. Did you use a specialty company or just the Ralphs or Vons delivery? Quality, prices, service??

  1. wilafur Feb 7, 2007 01:09 PM

    i use vons and/or albertsons.

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    1. re: wilafur
      PaulF Feb 7, 2007 01:10 PM

      How do you like the Vons delivery service? I've signed up, but never used the service.

      1. re: PaulF
        wilafur Feb 7, 2007 01:12 PM

        our office uses it to stock our kitchen regularly. so far so good. however, sometimes the fruit they bring doesn't look all that appealing but for the most part i am satisfied.

        also, if you are brand specific, make sure you check the box that disallows substitutions.

        1. re: wilafur
          PaulF Feb 7, 2007 01:15 PM


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            wilafur Feb 7, 2007 01:17 PM

            bitte schon

      2. re: wilafur
        vinosnob Dec 3, 2009 04:17 PM

        I used Vons a few times as well. It was easy enough although the selection is kind of limited, but it made grocery shopping VERY easy.

        Now, I get bi-weekly deliveries from Farm Fresh To You; all organic, in-season produce that's reasonable priced and top quality.

      3. ChinoWayne Feb 7, 2007 01:39 PM

        I've used HomeGrocer.com back in the day, and they were great, huge selection of products, after they went under the only game in (this side of) town was whyrunout.com which handles fulfilment for Stater Brothers. Whyrunout was usually good, and you could get good meat from Stater Brothers, but after a year or so the orders really started getting screwed up.

        I have been using Vons.com for the past few years and for the most part satisfied, although I can't, for the life of me, understand why certain items get dropped from an order because the store is out of stock. And some items, although in the web catalog, are never available, which is frustrating. (They have trucks assigned to various centrally located retail stores and stock the orders from the stores' stock.) I am not impressed with Von's meat (nor Ralphs or Albertson's), and the produce is OK, nothing stellar. The web site is easy to use, and it remembers your substituion preferences for individual items from order to order. The way they organize their catalog is sometimes counter-intuitive, but they have recently improved their search engine.

        Since I can't get out of the house, this is a service that I rely on week to week, and generally it is pretty decent.

        I'm outside of the Bristol Farms service area, otherwise I would probably be using them, and would probably use Whole Foods if they offered such a service.

        1. i
          ITurnedOutTV Feb 7, 2007 01:53 PM

          I tried Paradise O last week for the first time ( http://www.paradiseo.com/ ). It's organic vegetables and fruits. We got that week's pre-selected box of both fruit and vegetables. The selection was really nice (spinach, butter lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, apples, oranges, cauliflower...all for 25 bucks!), very fresh and great-tasting. Customer service was excellent (got emails both before and after my order arrived). We're definitely going to use them again.

          1. r
            rickandjoy May 24, 2008 06:57 PM

            I tried Vons.com today based on what I read here. I was really disappointed with them. I spent some time on the site choosing a nice selection of groceries for my son in LA. I paid for the order and checked with my son on the delivery window time. The time came and went, I talked to my son a couple times....no order. After a couple phone calls, I was told that the delivery truck broke down, but the driver still made his deliveries.....huh? They said I would be refunded tomorrow, but they would not be able to deliver tomorrow...too busy.
            I told them to forget about my business. Horrible experience.

            1. c
              Cinnamon May 24, 2008 07:19 PM

              Have used Albertsons and Vons. Albertsons was slightly better quality-wise I think, until their site got redesigned and became interminably slow, enough that I never go there anymore. Vons is pretty good, not perfect, beats no delivery at all. I always always check the box that says no substitutions (on anything!), as you don't know what you're getting locked into paying for otherwise, or how much $.

              We probably use them 1x a month. Great for heavy item delivery like dog food, laundry detergent, soda 12-packs and water. Also canned goods, etc., and bulky paper items. Think of shopping there as stocking your larder, not like a run to the corner store. Haven't really had a problem with milks or meats or veggies, though generally I prefer to just pick up meats and veggies from specialty places when I know I'm going to use them soon. They've generally been on time with a couple exceptions over maybe a year. Given gas, time, logistics, lugging, it's definitely been worth the delivery charge and sometimes there are coupons for discounts on that. One thing I LOVE about shopping with Vons home delivery is this... not only is it cheaper overall than a store I'd probably otherwise go to, but it's super-easy to list a shelf by unit price and you can pick the cheapest, say, paper towels of a brand you prefer that way. Also plenty of sales and specials.

              1. b
                bad nono May 24, 2008 10:07 PM

                I've used Vons when house bound, and I definitively loved it. Didn't buy any fresh produce or meat, but as the other poster said, for heavy or bulky items it's great (water, cat litter, milk, toilet paper, etc.). I've always gotten some type of coupons or rebates which means in effect delivery has always been free. Their website is super easy to use, you automatically benefit from all weekly promotions whether you have their reward card or not (I don't) and my groceries were alway delivered right on time.
                And the drivers always carry everything into my house, which helps my back injury tremendously. Polite, friendly service, I've become a fan.

                1. j
                  JackieChiles May 24, 2008 10:34 PM

                  I've used Vons 2x a month and overall it has been great.

                  - Delivery service - twice they have been late, but I've always gotten a call to let me know, and then they've only been late at least 30 minutes from my window. Delivery people are outstanding. Everyone has been friendly, but it's usually the same guy. Great customer service.
                  - Grocery items - As already stated here, if you can't get out, you cant beat it for the larger items and canned goods, soda, water, etc.
                  - Produce - Overall good, I buy a lot of fruit, which is always good. Grapes, cherries, pineapple, mangos, cantaloupe, papaya, etc. I've never had a problem, it's always been good. Veggies, here's my first drawback. Most is good. Real good. I'm the "hard" veggies like cabbages, onions (all types), potatoes, even iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, etc, and you get the picture. "Soft greens" I have had a problem with. Things like spinach and herbs I ordered once and no more. For those I go to a little Mexican market near me.
                  - Meat - Overall decent, but here is another drawback. This is an area where they sometimes are "out" and when they are that really screws with the menu planning. Fish is weak, but I;ve found Vons overall for fish is very weak, either in store or out.

                  I wish I had other options but there are not any. Albertsons website is just plain ridiculous and they're higher priced anyway. After that, nothing else is in my area and I've looked. I've been pretty much restricted to home since Feb, so Von's has been a great thing for me. Between that and this great little Mexican store, I can make it fine.

                  Just my $.02

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                  1. re: JackieChiles
                    maudies5 May 24, 2008 10:40 PM

                    I'm in Brentwood and periodically use www.yummy.com
                    Delivery is within 30 minutes and they offer a good variety.

                    1. re: maudies5
                      JackieChiles May 24, 2008 10:45 PM

                      Wow, I wish I had something like that! I don't live in LA. I live in San Diego. I was just commenting on the Von's experience generically because I've been so dependent on it lately. Nice website. I'm jealous.

                      1. re: JackieChiles
                        smartdudeandrew Dec 3, 2009 02:42 PM

                        Ya vons is the best. Just go to www.vonsdelivery.com I think they are offering $15 off now and they delivery to san diego and los angeles. I use them all the time and its great and their prices are lower than albertsons.

                      2. re: maudies5
                        LATrapp Dec 3, 2009 03:46 PM

                        I'm in West Hollywood and also use Yummy frequently. 30 mins is a stretch at least to my location and order size. I actually don't think they've ever made it within 30 mins, but it's still a great service.

                    2. j
                      JosephEBacon Dec 3, 2009 04:39 PM

                      I used both Vons and Albertsons. I preferred using Albertsons, and am saddened that they discontinued the service. Vons is fine, I've never had problem with any deliveries, but their selection wasn't as good as Albertsons. I'm disappointed that Bristol Farms won't deliver in my area.

                      1. k
                        kauma Dec 3, 2009 08:40 PM

                        For your own sake...please ask yummy.com to open a place in your 'hood!

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                        1. re: kauma
                          LATrapp Dec 3, 2009 09:53 PM

                          I agree! I should have expanded on my post above, but I keep wondering what Yummy is doing right that Pink Dot did wrong. The business model appears to be mostly similar with Yummy certainly having much more high-end perishable goods (fine cheeses, nieman ranch meats, etc.). I would actually think that in the convenience delivery world, high-end could work against you and the cheaper store would thrive.

                          Those that have been at my place while I've browsed the website or have seen the mailed printed catalog have always wished for one in their area. I agree, ask for one in your neighborhood, but at the moment I can't even get them to stock my latest addiction- fresh Thai coconuts!

                          1. re: LATrapp
                            kauma Dec 10, 2009 07:41 PM

                            Hello again!

                            To my way of thinking, yummy.com thrives because of the combination of high-end and commonplace products (triple Brie! Lay's chips!). Plus, its excellent service. I'm not in the WeHo delivery area, but yummy delivered to me regardless. (A blessing when I was wheelchair-bound.) And almost always within 30 minutes. Not only that, but the drivers could almost always find my hard-to-find home with no trouble - in a neighborhood made up of confusing addresses. FedEx often fails miserably, and once a construction company took the roof off the wrong building...

                            As for Thai coconuts, have you tried Ralphs? They carry them even in my somewhat down-at-heels 'hood!

                            Best to you from kauma

                        2. r
                          rnp0123 Jan 15, 2012 04:51 PM

                          Today I tried to use Von's for delivery and this is the 3rd time they are late. This time 4 hours late and counting. To clarify things they are 2 hours late outside of their 2 hour window. It all depends on what store they deliver out of, and the one that they use for West LA is a loser. Never again. Any suggestions on other supermarkets that deliver?

                          1. r
                            reddhouse Dec 31, 2012 12:36 PM

                            If you like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's you can try this guy: http://wholefoodsdelivered.com

                            I live in Sherman Oaks, but there is a chance he's added delivery people for other parts of LA.

                            1. Will Owen Dec 31, 2012 12:56 PM

                              About ten years ago I was a delivery driver for Albertson's. This was of course long before GPS devices, but theoretically the computer-generated route sheets gave turn-by-turn instructions. One night, however, I had an address on one of those streets that runs for two blocks, skips one, runs for two more, skips two … and does this for miles, through several different municipalities in L.A.'s San Gabriel Valley. And the computer had given me the wrong city. I finally delivered the contents of a romantic anniversary dinner just as Grandma was bringing the kids back home, a mere three hours late.

                              I'm not sure I'll ever use such a service unless I truly have to, just because I know what those guys have to put up with!

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                              1. re: Will Owen
                                Servorg Dec 31, 2012 02:41 PM

                                Now you would just need to confirm that they aren't using Apple Maps in place of Google.

                              2. s
                                spoonlicker Dec 31, 2012 02:15 PM

                                I've used a relatively new service, We'll Get The Food, and really liked them. Delivery is $8.95, no minimum order. They have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods items.


                                Their website is still a little rough around the edges -- they don't have photos for all the products yet -- but I found their customer service to be really great. They arrived right on time, despite the rain, with food nicely packed. They threw in a free pointsetta plant, too, which was a nice holiday touch.

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                                1. re: spoonlicker
                                  Will Owen Jan 2, 2013 12:27 PM

                                  Well, heck - their delivery area is west of LA only. Good thing I like doing my own shopping …

                                2. r
                                  rnp0123 Jan 2, 2013 02:28 PM

                                  We have used Von's on and off for the last few years and the service has been very inconsistent. Sometimes they show up on time, we get exactly what we ordered and the quality is excellent. Other times they have been very late. One time we requested the delivery window between 10 AM and 12 PM so that we had time to cook dinner. The delivery arrived at 4:30 PM. This was after multiple calls and tracers sent out by their operator. They also have a strange substitution policy where you determine whether you will let them substitute the brand and/or size (e.g., 1 quart vs 1 gallon). That can cause a lot of trouble as well. So sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but we would never again depend on them to arrive when promised.

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