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shioyaki using dried fish?

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has anyone ever heard of this? i was served a grilled salted fish (whole, about 5" long) at a japanese inn that was so soft, you could eat the whole thing, head to tail. my mother suggested the fish might have started out dried. i've heard of chinese salted fish, but is this ever grilled? thanks!!

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    1. There's a very nice chain of izakaya in Tokyo called Himonoya that specializes in all kinds of grilled dried fish (aka "himono").

      1. Was it split? If not maybe it was a shishamo.

        1. just had another thought, maybe it was a very small ayu shioyaki.

          1. I think you are talking about Smelt or Shishamo as steamer has suggested. They look like sardines don't they. They are very popular in izakayas. I bought some at the store last week 4 for 100 yen ($1). Grilled 'em. Yum!

            I live in Japan BTW.

            1. There's half dried aji, that looks something like this.

              1. thanks for all the suggestions -- i actually bought shishamo and various himono (including aji) and grilled them. though tasty, they did not quite replicate the experience in japan, which i realize now could only have been a whole, fresh fish -- out of this world. i guess that's why we go to japan to eat!