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Feb 7, 2007 12:23 PM

Persian Rice with that good crust

Does anyone have a recipe for that Persian (I think) rice that is baked and forms that lovely crust on the bottom?

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  1. True Persian rice is very time consuming - cooking to elongate the grains....But I will make long grain rice regular, just leave a coat on the bottom and add some EVOO. Let the rice on the bottom continue to cook and crisp (kind of frying but, not w/tons of oil.) The rice will crisp and you'll be able to "peel away" from bottom of the pan. That's how I learned. If you want traditional Persian rice, I'm not the one. Made it once but, don't remember the method.

    1. See if your library has a copy of Duguid and Alford's The Seduction of Rice. It will be the most informative and clear to understand on the subject.

      1. Here is a link which might help. I do not rinse my rice first since I use Tilda brand basmati rice and find it not necessary. But if you want to add a step you may. The bottom crust layer of rice is called tadig and it is delicious. Hope this works for you.

        1. It is called "Tahdig" and is quite wonderful...Persians know their rice and make some of the best rice dishes in the world!
          Do a is relatively easy to make...