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Feb 7, 2007 12:13 PM

Butter Review?

Anyone have a chance to try Butter's Winter Restaurant week 07? If so, any comments? Thanks!

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  1. We went the 1st night. My shrimp with romesco sauce was outstanding... That was definitely the highlight for me. My other courses were good, but I can't remember details - short ribs for main course.

    1. I went with three girlfriends. We all eat out a lot. We had been to Butter for drinks before but never for a full sit down meal. Our feelings were quite mixed. We appreciated the scope of the Restaurant Week menu (some other places merely offer chicken or salmon period.) However, the choices here were enticing and sounded so appealing that we all had trouble choosing which dishes to get for each course. Appetizers all seemed to be successful, main courses appeared a bit more questionable. I had a fish, which was fine, but nothing memorable and certainly not haute cuisine. Two of the four of us tried the mushroom tart which they said was overly doughy and a bit tasteless. Dessert was fine, but nothing groundbreaking.
      Poignantly, our waiter was abysmally blase and rude. I am not used to such service in a relatively high priced restaurant. He literally seemed like he had a billion places he would rather be, and every minute question asked of him was a blatant waste of his time. We saw at the end that 20% gratuity was already included so this seemed to shove in our face that he already knew he was getting a tip and had NO interest in exceeding our expectations or being kind and helpful just to do his job well. We did not give him a cent over that 20% tip. I would return again, but only for drinks, for dining there are a million other places I enjoy more.