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Feb 7, 2007 12:10 PM

Pizza w/ an egg

I think I know everything about food in my city, Seattle, but I would love to find a pizzeria that makes a bolognaise pizza with a sunny side up egg cooked on the middle. I ate them regularly in Paris and crave them often. Anyone know of such a place?

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  1. Mmmm, I had that in Sicily and loved it. Big surprise as Sicilian food has lots of hard-cooked eggs, so when the menu said the pizza came with an egg, that's what I expected. But it was a sunny-side-up egg baked in the pizza oven with the rest of the pie, and it was great. Good luck!

    1. On a similar(?) note, does anybody know where to find Indonesian fried rice with the panko fried chicken and the crispy-bottom sunny side egg on top? Used to get it in Boston...

      1. It's not bolognese, but the soft egg pizza at Serious Pie is one of our favorites. It's got coppa, fresh arugula, and two eggs over easy. Scrumptious.

        1. La Medusa in Columbia City makes a Pizza Acciuga, which has "eggs baked on top of Salmoriglio sauce, Caciocavallo, capers and Sicilian anchovy fillets."

          La Medusa is a small, bright place -- Sicilian, not Bolognese -- but this should satisfy your craving for eggs on a pizza.

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            I can't tell you how excited I am to get this information. Thank you so very much!!!!

          2. I know the folks at Tutta Bella will put an egg, or two, on a pizza for you. If my memory serves me correctly, they have had a special at one time with an egg on it.

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              Though I love Tutta Bella, I have been told several times that they won't crack an egg on my pizza, so you must way out-charm me. They also don't have olio picante, which every single pizzaria in Italy has, but that is another discussion board topic.

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                funny......i've never had a problem with that

                1. re: tomdotkom

                  i've never had olio picante in napoli.......