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Feb 7, 2007 12:05 PM

New Restaurant In Hamden (Baltimore)

The ex-Executive Chef at the Harbor Court Restaurant, Galen Sampson and his wife Bridget have opened a new restaurant, The Dogwood, located at 911 W. 36th Street (same location as the old Mamie's Café). They are starting with a fairly simple menu and hope to build on it, but do not let my description of simple dissuade your from trying this "new jewel" in Hamden. It's worth a trip. The preparation and presentation are worthy of the best restaurants.
Their web address is:

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  1. The Deli has been open since last summer, the full restaurant "Asta" has taken alot longer. I think they are predicting a late spring total opening. I think the seating downstairs is just an expansion of the deli and not the actual restaurant kitchen.
    (It's Hampden, not Hamden)

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      1. Before the deli actually opened, they had a free sample table set up at HonFest and I thought their shrimp salad was delish. I've been remiss in going back, though. Any particular recommendations from those who've been there?

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          Their kitchen is fully openned but their menu is restricted now to a meat, fish ans a vegetable dinner each night. I believe you can go online and check the menu each night. The night we went all had different dinners and there were no complaints.....

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            no complaints? That's not exactly an enthusiastic recommendation...

        2. I had a breakfast sandwich there and the bread was a crunchy multigrain that was outstanding. The coffee was excellent too.

          1. We hosted a dinner party at Dogwood's restaurant last night--the event was great! The restaurant sat us off to the side--felt like private dining. Our sever, Alexis, was patient (we were having fun and were slow decisionmakers as a consequence) and attentive. The whole wheat bread was fantastic. All eight of us thought we made excellent ordering choices. We loved the shrimp w/pasta, the duck, the pork tenderloin, the salad. Our whole group appreciated the organic food, and the social justice origins of the organization. We will go back, for sure.