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Feb 7, 2007 11:49 AM

Westside Hounds in Silver Lake tonight...where to eat?

Hey Hounds -

My SO and I will be in SL tonight looking at houses and figured we should probably check out the cuisine scene if we're going to become Eastsiders. :)

Already been to Gingergrass and loved. Would love to check out another option in the same vein (reasonably priced but good quality & fun atmosphere). Any suggestions?


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  1. I really like Alegria on Sunset for Mexican/Central American cuisine. Plus, it's BYOB! Oh, and cash only.
    Pho Cafe, across the street, for Americanized, yet tasty, Vietnamese food.
    Rambutan Thai next door for Thai tapas, plus the usual staples. Use your KCRW card for a discount.
    For a bit more money, people really like Canele in Atwater Village. I found the food good, but inconsistent.
    There's a good Brazilian place next to Vinoteca on Hillhurst. The name escapes me.
    Agra Cafe for Indian.
    Malo for hipster Mexican.
    Siete Mares for ceviche.
    Decent and fun diner food, Fred 62 on Vermont.
    Italian Il Capriccio on Vermont and for a bit more $, Aroma on Sunset. You get a KCRW discount at Il Capriccio and the corkage fee is quite reasonable!
    Messy, greasy, which means yummy, Mexican, go to Yuca's.
    Have fun eating!

    1. The one time I ate at Alegria it struck me as earnest but inauthentic Mexican food made by and for Americans. On the other hand, La Parilla -- on the other side of Sunset and about a block or two east, next to Siete Mares -- is a dead ringer for a restaurant in Baja California -- more authentic and fun.

      Haven't been to Aroma but Farfalla in Los Feliz has long set the standard for Italian food in this part of town.

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      1. re: Mr. Cookie

        I'm pretty sure the owners - the mom and her two daughters (and certainly the kitchen staff) at Alegria are of Mexican descent. [1] In either event, my friend's boyfriend is Mexican (born and grew up in Mexico), and generally pretty opinionated -- and he pronounced the food very authentic, at least based on where he grew up.

        I know this is a very polarized debate, and while I generally like Alegria, I've had some bad experiences there... While their clientele is definitely predominantly Anglo, I think calling it inauthentic and made by / for Americans a bit of a stretch.

        It's definitely not typical Southern California style Mexican food, though.


      2. That's a pretty good list, Elle -- just a few notes -- Yuca's is not open for dinner and is just a stand, so not really a dinner destination.
        At Siete Mares, the usual advice is to eat at the stand only, not in the sit-down restaurant.
        The Brazilian place is Tropicalia and you can also get their food served at the wine bar at Vinoteca.
        Everyone will recommend Blair's but I would go to Canele over Blairs.
        Bon apetit!

        1. Best restaurants in the hood include vermont on Vermont just north of Hollywood Blvd., Blair's on Rowena near Hyperion, and Canele on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater east of I-5. Below that might include Edendale Grill, with very good bar/drinks-ok food, Mexican restaurants coming out of every pore-not one significantly better than the other, Cliff's Edge on Sunset at corner of EdgeCliff, and cha cha cha on Virgil at Melrose.
          All the Italian is from the ho-hum to ok school, yet not any of major importance.
          Proximity to 626 area code yields every Chinese cuisine imaginable, and proximity to Pasadena opens vastly greater opportunities with no more than a 15-minute drive, plus Bistro K in So. Pasadena in a similar time frame for the best French food, prepared and delivered slowly yet with a no corkage BYOB policy. Many options within commutable distances, including Thai Town in Hollywood plus Marouch on Santa Monica & Edgemont for superb Middle Eastern.
          And then there is Silver Lake Wine shop across from Gingergrass Vietnamese restaurant on Glendale Blvd. for a superb wine buying experience(plus tastings) with boutique wines offered by the nicest owners in the industry.
          Welcome to the 'hood!!!

          1. Wow, thanks Hounds! Still going through all the recs. So many options, only one dinner to eat. Are Vermont/Blair's/Canele really casual, weeknight spots or are they somewhat higher-end?