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Feb 7, 2007 11:45 AM

Twin treats - one flourless, one not

So here's my challenge. I want to make a thank-you gift to my friends at a local animal clinic who performed surgery on my tiny bantam rooster, Frick. They did it out of the goodness of their hearts and would only accept repayment of their actual expenses. I have promised to make them all some delicious treats to share.

Problem. The one friend who was the instigator of this act of ridiculous kindness is celiac and cannot eat wheat. So I was thinking of making, like, two versions of the same thing. Brownies, for instance, or some kind of cookies. One without flour, the other with. I don't have a good flourless brownie recipe. Any suggestions folks? Or something else that I could make that would be transportable and share-able? If the flourless thing is really good I wouldn't need to make a wheat version.

I already have a good flourless chocolate cake recipe, but it would be a little too frou-frou for the clinic environment.

P.S. Frick is recuperating well in a cage in the garage with his partner Frack. He will now have only one eye, but we're just glad he's still alive. Considering a tiny eyepatch...

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  1. Instead of trying to make flourless brownies, how about making truffles? They are a cinch to make. No reason you couldn't bring brownies to one person and truffles to the other. I'm sure they would both appreciate your gesture. Do you need a truffle recipe?

    1. How about the flourless chocolate cake made in muffin cups? I think it would be really popular w/ everyone.

      1. Peanut Butter Cookies (Flourless):
        1 cup peanut butter
        1 cup sugar
        1 teaspoon baking powder
        1 egg
        mix all together well; chill for a while; roll into balls; place on greased cookie sheet and press with sugared fork to make crisscross pattern; bake at 350 for 9-11 min; let rest on sheet for a few min to let firm up then very carefully remove to rack (they are very delicate until completely cool). Can easily be doubled.
        Last time I made these I added a cup of mini chocolate chips.

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          These are some of my favorites just under general principles -- they're so easy and so good. I find that they are much less crumbly with "regular" PB rather than natural. I usually add chocolate chips (milk chocolate are great too). And the last time I made them I was out of chips so I stuck pieces of a candy bar on top as soon as they came out of the oven, Peanut Blossom style.

          1. re: Dizzied

            This is almost exactly what I made today. Used chunky peanut butter, a tsp. of vanilla, a cup of mini chocolate chips and for some reason my recipe called for baking soda, not powder (same amount). They turned out great. I had to hide most of the batch so that my husband didn't eat all the ones I was sending to the clinic. I think I'll make them some flourless chocolate cupcakes too next week.

            By the way, Frick isn't totally out of the woods yet - he's gone back in for some more treatment.

        2. The Nigella or Claudia Roden Orange cake with almond flour-- with or without chocoalte-- yum!