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Good on the go, fast food places un phoenix metro area??

i need a place that i can grab something fast, i dont want greassy food, but rather healthy.

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  1. Middle Eastern Deli and Bakery on 16th St. just south of Osborn is a good choice. You can get all the usual favorites -- tabouleh, hummus, etc. either to go or to eat on site.

    Blue Burrito Grill used to be a favorite for fast Mexican, but they've closed most of their sites. I think there's still a location at Scottsdale and Shea in the complex with the Harkins Cinema.

    Of the various fast Japanese places, I like Yoshi's best. There are locations in Central Phoenix and Ahwatukee:

    Of course, there are also national chains such as Chipotle, which can be a healthy choice if you don't go overboard in stuffing your burrito with everything imaginable.

    1. There's two Zoes Kitchen's in PHX - http://www.zoeskitchen.com/. Their menu options are pretty healthy and all documented on the website. You can even call ahead even though their food generally takes a couple of minutes.

      1. wanna give any help with a location?

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          it's on the website but 16th st/camelback and 5th av/mcdowell.

        2. i'm trying zoes kitchen today.. wish me luck ;) jk
          i'll post about it tonight

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            haha, good luck! it's pretty busy around lunch time...

          2. Not healthy, but....Zoe's has decent chocolate cake. And they make limeade. Real limeade, like mom made growing up.


            1. im not going during lunch time though, i dont get out of class untill 3pm

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              1. Thaipan at Pinnacle Peak and Miller in N Scottsdale serves some really good Thai food and it comes out fast. Plus they have some of the best lettuce wraps around.

                1. Grab a Guedo Burro at Guedo's Taco Shop, near Chandler Boulevard and Arizona Avenue in Chandler. Freshly grilled beef, fresh avocado, white cheese, paper-thin tortilla -- much less heavy than your typical burrito.

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                    I haven't been to that place in years, but back when I lived down there, I loved that place!

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                      Guedos has good horchata. I used to work in the area and we'd hit it about once a month.

                    2. We had really good sandwiches brought in from Sacks for a lunch meeting. I haven't tried anything else yet but the menu looks promising. There are several locations, including one on 3rd Ave. and Thomas. Here is the web site: