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Feb 7, 2007 11:38 AM

Good on the go, fast food places un phoenix metro area??

i need a place that i can grab something fast, i dont want greassy food, but rather healthy.

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  1. Middle Eastern Deli and Bakery on 16th St. just south of Osborn is a good choice. You can get all the usual favorites -- tabouleh, hummus, etc. either to go or to eat on site.

    Blue Burrito Grill used to be a favorite for fast Mexican, but they've closed most of their sites. I think there's still a location at Scottsdale and Shea in the complex with the Harkins Cinema.

    Of the various fast Japanese places, I like Yoshi's best. There are locations in Central Phoenix and Ahwatukee:

    Of course, there are also national chains such as Chipotle, which can be a healthy choice if you don't go overboard in stuffing your burrito with everything imaginable.

    1. There's two Zoes Kitchen's in PHX - Their menu options are pretty healthy and all documented on the website. You can even call ahead even though their food generally takes a couple of minutes.

      1. wanna give any help with a location?

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          it's on the website but 16th st/camelback and 5th av/mcdowell.

        2. i'm trying zoes kitchen today.. wish me luck ;) jk
          i'll post about it tonight

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            haha, good luck! it's pretty busy around lunch time...

          2. Not healthy, but....Zoe's has decent chocolate cake. And they make limeade. Real limeade, like mom made growing up.