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Feb 7, 2007 11:30 AM

Trying to Switch from Coffee to Tea...

In search of the strongest black tea out there. I know very little about teas other than they're better for you than coffee and that coffee eventually gives me withdrawl headaches (because I drink too much but absolutly need the caffeine). Taking suggestions, explanations, etc...on which teas are best (brands, types, etc...) that come in a teabag (don't have time for the loose leaves) and where they can be found (Union Sq. area or downtown financial area most convenient...downtown Brooklyn ok too). Thanks!

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  1. Pu-erh comes to mind---the strongest, darkest black tea I know of (and I'm a daily tea drinker). I've always thought of it as tea for coffee drinkers. Food markets in Chinatown would probably have it in teabags.

    1. Irish breakfast tea is usually a very strong, dark tea. My preference is for Barry's, which you might like if you're a coffee drinker. Others go for Lyons, but I find it a little tamer.

      You can either at Porto Rico, Whole Foods or one of the English grocers on Greenwich. Not sure where to go in Financial District.

      1. i recommend taylor's yorkshire tea, which produces a strong, dark, well-flavored brew. whole foods at union square carries it.

        1. assam is a strong black tea. i don't usually have bagged tea, but i think republic of tea sells them. i've seen this at whole foods. or you can buy paper pouches (definitely have them at porto rico, not sure about whole foods, but most coffee/tea stores have them) and put the loose tea in, so it's just like a tea bag.
          Fairways has a descent selection of bagged breakfast teas that tend to be strong (like Barry's and PG tips).

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            I tried getting my Barry's at Fairway but found they didn't have it. And I certainly didn't find PG tips or I would've bought that instead. I had to settle for Twinning's. It's like drinking water.

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              I think Irish breakfast is made from assam - maybe English breakfast too, as well as other blends.

            2. really? that's strange, the Fairways in Red Hook (near where i live) carries both (i was just there last week), and i know i've seen it in the manhattan one before. perhaps they stopped carrying it?