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Good dinner alternative to Telluride (Stamford)

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Although I've never been, I've read that this place is going downhill fast and is very expensive. I am looking to go to dinner fri night in Stamford--can anyone offer some good alternmatives?
What's good?
Any cuisine--any price--wherever you like to go for dinner is good.

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  1. Columbus Park is my favorite. I did eat at Telluride a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good.

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    1. re: bevoray

      I like Columbus park also, the food has been the same for years and still busy.
      I love it there!!!

    2. Anybody know what happened to Zanghi? that was a great place too?????
      Now Ferrante I think...

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      1. re: kiwano

        Ferrante is OK, went for lunch.

        1. re: tdchow

          Is Ferrante an expensive place?
          I guess I just hop there this weekend?

      2. A new Restaurant opening up where the old Boxing Cat Grill is , Rafael from Pacifico and Sonora. It will launch in 3 weeks.