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Feb 7, 2007 11:11 AM

(PHX) Codfather on Bell

It looks like there is a Codfather going in at around Cave Creek and Bell. Any one know about this? I

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  1. Is this the one that was in Fountain Hills? I had it on my list but then they moved. I heard the food was pretty good.

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    1. re: Elmo

      they moved to 35th ave/Greenway.

    2. They also opened another on 16th St. and Bell, on the n. side of Bell across from Taste of India.

      I've been to the Greeway store twice and watched the last game of the World Series there. Tasty, Brit-style fish 'n chips type fare.

      Will go again.

      1. Not open yet at 16th and Bell (soon). It is definitely the same people who operate the restaurant on Greenway (at least according to my barber next door). Not the best name IMHO, but I will give them a try.

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        1. re: Booger

          i got coupons in the mail, so maybe they've opened.

        2. The location at 16th Street & Bell is indeed open. A big group of my coworkers is headed over there this afternoon. I am tasking one of them with grabbing a menu and I will post the address and phone number later today.

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          1. re: pickychick

            Well, my coworker did not grab a menu. Sorry about that! I heard mixed reviews from everyone who went, one guy said the fries were soggy, one woman (who is Scottish BTW) said everything was "OK," and someone else said it was good, but not something they would make a habit of eating. From the review in the New Times (granted, from a couple years ago) I expected everyone to come back to the office raving.