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Feb 7, 2007 11:09 AM

Spicy Ribs on Van Brunt St.

I just had some very tasty and spicy beef ribs at non-descript hole in the wall joint called 327 V-B Cafe Deli at 327 Van Brunt Street off the corner of Sullivan in Red Hook. The ribs were meaty and juicy without having too much fat covered in a spicy (as in hot/peppery) green sauce that has very little salt and a decent amount of fresh cilantro.

it's a hot plate place where workers head for lunch. The other items such as the spaghetti, stewed chicken, brisket, etc, looked like standard fare but so did the ribs and there is nothing standard about them. If anyone tried the other items let me know how they are.

The place is deceiving. in fact I thought it was an abandoned store front save the neon "Deli" sign in the huge, fogged up glass plate windows. So look for it.

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  1. It's an American-Spanish Mexican place according to their menu.

    1. This place has some great authentic food. I have had the advocado salad and the seafood salad. Both are made fresh daily and believe me, don't last past the lunch crowd. Only problem is that the place isn't open for dinner take-out.

      1. I will go earlie next time and try the avocado and sea food salad. Their roast pork doesn't look so bad either.

        1. I went there again earlier today. I opted for the beef stew, roast pork, and empanada and some avocado salad. The beef stew had a subtle spice was very moist, the roast pork was also moist and the skin crisp inundated with a nice fragrance, the empanada has a nice crunchy dough on the outside and a moist inside flavored by the ground beef and tomato, both of which is not drowned out by the other. It's not as spicy as I expected, still a very good empanada. The avocado and tomato salad was fresh and has some nice herbs and vinegar inside.

          They won't have seafood salad until it gets warmer out. Oh well.

          1. Are they open on weekends, or just during the week (probably the latter, if it caters to local workers)?