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Melting Pot

What's your opinion of the Melting Pot? How do you rank the cheese fondue? How about the entree fondue (bouillion or oil)? My only experience was about 9-10 years ago. It was fun but I can't remember much about the food . . .

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  1. Much ado about nothing, IMHO. The food isn't anything to write home about (which is probably why you don't remember it).

    I thought that cheese wine fondue was OK, I think our server overdid it on the wine a bit. It could have used some more layering of flavors to make it more complex and less overtly wine-y.

    We did the oil entree fondue because were told by friends that the bouillion was bland and boring. You can experiment to see what coatings/combinations you like the best, but we were hardly blown away by the taste sensations.

    I've heard people say that the best part is the dessert. We didn't try it because we were too full at that point.

    We tried it for the novelty. Now I can say been there, done that, and never think about going back. There's just so much better food to be had...

    1. Try your local boards for some local alternative that is hopefully much better and more sincere in their fondues.

      1. Generally I don't even love good fondue, let alone Melting Pot, BUT at the Melting Pot near me they have a really good happy hour deal -- for every bottle of wine you buy, you get a free small (easily feeds 4) cheese or chocolate fondue pot. It's good Monday to Thursday, 5-7. I went with 5 other people and we shared two rounds - one cheese, one chocolate- and it was really a lot of food. Not a big dinner, but we were all satisfied, for the cost of just the wine. Definitely worth it if your Melting Pot offers the same happy hour.

        1. I quite enjoy the cheese fondue. Depends on the one you get.

          1. Search here for "melting pot." You'll find tons of threads. Worst restaurant experience of my life, anyway.

            1. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give their cheese fondue a 1. Cheese quality was sucky, spices, base, etc were dull. And the dippers? Stale bread? Limp or past-their-prime vegetables? Spend a bit less (or a bit more if you want a few bottles of wine) and have fondue at home with _good_ cheese.

              Oh, and the dessert? I'm not a milk chocolate person so take this with a big grain of salt (unlike the above which I heartily enjoy!) but the chocolate tasted like a melted hershey's bar. No liquor to smooth it, nothing. And the dippers were again sub-par (not interested in stale angel food cake and out of season strawberries!)

              But the concept? I love fondue! Please expose the masses! So Melting Pot if you're reading this PLEASE PLEASE start buying some quality cheeses and fresh vegetables. Fresh the week before does not count!

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                Just so you know...from what I've learned. The bread is like that for a reason. I've tried to dunk fresh soft bread into cheese fondue before...(at home) and it just doesn't hold well. The bread isn't stale as though its been there for two days.

              2. I have eaten at Melting Pot twice and while my meals were above par, I thought the pricing was astronomical for what you got. In addition, I didn't find the portion size satisying. I think the cost is mostly for the novelty effect, but it still was a bit of sticker shock for me.

                For the same amount it cost me for dinner for two at Melting Pot, I could have spent the same amount on dinner for two at a number of other non-chain restaurants in Phoenix that offer far better fare.

                1. overpriced. i live for their happy hour special ~ 2 drinks, 2 salads, and a cheese fondue for $28 (went up). oh, and their spinach & artichoke dip was addictive enough for me.

                  1. I went once with a friend. We had a very nice time. It was a lot of food, and it was expensive, but I enjoyed it. I was in good company. :)

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                      Went once with family members just for dessert. My DH and I were distinctly unimpressed. We thought it was all way too sweet, the dippers were not inspired and the prices were ridiculous. (The kids loved it though.) We won't be going back because of the prices. If it was a little more reasonable for what it is, we'd probably go back once in a while just because the kids loved it so much.

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                        buy a fondue set and make your own. A billion times better and cheaper.

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                          It's funny, because that's exactly what my brother did after we went that one time and they use it a lot. My DH & I, not actually huge fans of fondue. Anyway, it was a celebration to mark the start of kindergarten for my son and my niece and the kids loved the whole "going out and dipping food into stuff" thing - it wouldn't have been the same at home.