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Feb 7, 2007 11:03 AM

Vetri: Degustazione or a la carte?

We're two NY hounds about to (try) to make a first time reservation at Vetri. We're trying to decide between a degustazione-only Saturday or an a la carte Friday night. One of us doesn't eat mammal, but they'll accommodate that. Any opinion which way we should go?

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  1. I would definitely choose a la carte. I've heard this from others, also.

    1. A la carte.
      30 % of the tasting menu is boring and there are no choices.
      A la carte gives you more control.

      1. I agree with the other two postings. I wrote about this a while back. Return on investment is not met with the tasting menu. I had one of the worst salads in my life at the tasting--I should have sent it back. I would have if I had ordered, don't know why I felt funny about complaining with the chef's dinner, What they do well they do very well----onion crepe, gnocchi in brown butter, baby goat, all outstanding. I would go back but it would be with me ordering what I really wanted.

        1. will be going in March- please give recs of what to order!

          1. foie gras pastrami - and actually anything from the tradizione de Vetri section of the menu - the cauliflower flan, chestnut fettucini, pici with hen bolognese, branzino, baby goat. And let Jeff choose your wine(s)....