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Feb 7, 2007 11:01 AM

Trying to Switch from Coffee to Tea...

In search of the strongest black tea out there. I know very little about teas other than they're better for you than coffee and that coffee eventually gives me withdrawl headaches (because I drink too much but absolutly need the caffeine). Taking suggestions, explanations, etc...on which teas are best (brands, types, etc...) that come in a teabag (don't have time for the loose leaves) and where they can be found (Union Sq. area or downtown financial area most convenient...downtown Brooklyn ok too). Thanks!

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  1. okay--I would suggest to do this in moderation---drink your morning coffee and then when you crave more coffee-say in the afternoon-try some dark tea--then again if you crave a coffee-have one and at night drink some green tea--very nice and good for you--I do not recommend going off coffee cold-turkey--try this and let me know how you feel--good luck

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      A cup of regular black tea contains abut half the caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. I suggest an English or Irish breakfast tea. Good with milk and sugar.

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        I prefer green tea-genmai especially

    2. My favorite black tea in a bag is Twinings Prince of Wales, which has strong character tempered by mellowness.

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        I also like Twinings. It's a pretty decent supermarket brand.

      2. My husband is English, so as you can imagine, we drink oceans of tea. Our favorite is PG Tips and just two bags will make a nice big pot of strong brew. I recommend drinking it with milk, but that may not be to your taste. You can find the tea at Myers of Keswick in the Village, though I buy it at Key Food on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. One downside is that it's not so cheap in the US. A less expensive similar tea, though not as tasty, is Tetley's British Blend - can be found at most supermarkets.

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          I don't like PG Tips. Maybe I bought an old box, but I found it to be bitter and similar to cheap basic Lipton's tea (and I brew my all my teas with the correct temperatures and times). But I do kinda like that Tetley's British Blend. What's even better is Lipton's Pyramids - large tea leaves as opposed to that dust you usually get in commerical tea bags.

        2. I suggest an Irish tea - either Barry's or Lyon's. Strong, flavorful and best with milk and sugar or honey. These aren't specialty brands - you should be able to find them in your supermarket especially if there is an irish presence in your neighborhood.

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            I have to agree. Barry's or Lyon's tea is quite strong, and very invigorating! I personally love Lyon's- but the shop in Vegas that used to sell it has taken it off the shelves! So sad about that. Will be getting a box of Barry's Gold this weekend.

            Yes, definately wean yourself from the coffee in incriments, ChowDiva..I felt horrible when I thought I could quit cold turkey and go with decaf. WRONG. It was just the worst. Headaches, crankiness..all due to saying NO to coffee. I have cut down substantionally, but still need one cup in the AM. Good luck!

          2. I love black teas. My personal favorite is Twining's Irish Breakfast. I'm always looking for great tea recs as well.

            Kellyc96...where can one find Barry's or Lyon's in NYC? Thanks!