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Trying to Switch from Coffee to Tea...

In search of the strongest black tea out there. I know very little about teas other than they're better for you than coffee and that coffee eventually gives me withdrawl headaches (because I drink too much but absolutly need the caffeine). Taking suggestions, explanations, etc...on which teas are best (brands, types, etc...) that come in a teabag (don't have time for the loose leaves) and where they can be found (Union Sq. area or downtown financial area most convenient...downtown Brooklyn ok too). Thanks!

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  1. okay--I would suggest to do this in moderation---drink your morning coffee and then when you crave more coffee-say in the afternoon-try some dark tea--then again if you crave a coffee-have one and at night drink some green tea--very nice and good for you--I do not recommend going off coffee cold-turkey--try this and let me know how you feel--good luck

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      A cup of regular black tea contains abut half the caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. I suggest an English or Irish breakfast tea. Good with milk and sugar.

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        I prefer green tea-genmai especially

    2. My favorite black tea in a bag is Twinings Prince of Wales, which has strong character tempered by mellowness.


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        I also like Twinings. It's a pretty decent supermarket brand.

      2. My husband is English, so as you can imagine, we drink oceans of tea. Our favorite is PG Tips and just two bags will make a nice big pot of strong brew. I recommend drinking it with milk, but that may not be to your taste. You can find the tea at Myers of Keswick in the Village, though I buy it at Key Food on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. One downside is that it's not so cheap in the US. A less expensive similar tea, though not as tasty, is Tetley's British Blend - can be found at most supermarkets.

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          I don't like PG Tips. Maybe I bought an old box, but I found it to be bitter and similar to cheap basic Lipton's tea (and I brew my all my teas with the correct temperatures and times). But I do kinda like that Tetley's British Blend. What's even better is Lipton's Pyramids - large tea leaves as opposed to that dust you usually get in commerical tea bags.

        2. I suggest an Irish tea - either Barry's or Lyon's. Strong, flavorful and best with milk and sugar or honey. These aren't specialty brands - you should be able to find them in your supermarket especially if there is an irish presence in your neighborhood.

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            I have to agree. Barry's or Lyon's tea is quite strong, and very invigorating! I personally love Lyon's- but the shop in Vegas that used to sell it has taken it off the shelves! So sad about that. Will be getting a box of Barry's Gold this weekend.

            Yes, definately wean yourself from the coffee in incriments, ChowDiva..I felt horrible when I thought I could quit cold turkey and go with decaf. WRONG. It was just the worst. Headaches, crankiness..all due to saying NO to coffee. I have cut down substantionally, but still need one cup in the AM. Good luck!

          2. I love black teas. My personal favorite is Twining's Irish Breakfast. I'm always looking for great tea recs as well.

            Kellyc96...where can one find Barry's or Lyon's in NYC? Thanks!

            1. Kellyc96...sorry, I know you said supermarket but I'm pretty sure I've never seen these brands at my C-Town. Should I try Sunnyside?

              1. I have seen Barry's and Lyon's in Bravo Supermarket in Astoria on 34th Ave near 35th St. I have seen Barry's in my C-Town in Broadway and 29th also in Astoria however you should be able to find both (and lots more irish stuff) at the Butcher's Block in Sunnyside.

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                  Got a big box of Barry's Gold blend and LOVE it! It's so smooth and fragrant. Going to try the Dublin Tea Co. brand next. Just wanted to say thank you!!

                2. wow, thanks for the link I can't wait to go this weekend!

                  1. I drink coffee from time to time, but swore as a teenager that I would never be one of those who "couldnt function without coffee- ie my mother" (and we all kjnow we dont want to be our mothers!). Anyways- my hubbie is a morning coffee person, and started feeling droopy blah around 10, 11 and therefore having another cup at work. We recently starting going to Teavana- its a starbucks-like chain but tea instead.
                    They carry large amounts of green, white, black, herbal, and mate teas. They are very good, and you can buy a cup of tea in the store to make sure you like it, than buy loose tea for home (no less than 2 oz, discounts for a pound). They have several home brewing options, ranging from the little bags like lipton uses, to beautiful (expensive) cast iron and enamal tea pots, and super easy Teavana perfect teamaker (perfect for busy mornings- and a steal at $17!) http://www.teavana.com/Teavana+Perfec...
                    Ok now that I sound like a commercial for the place- I'll shut up, but you really should try it. If there isnt a store nearby you can mail order- just ask me and I'll tell ya some of our favorites. Also- they describe all the teas pretty well in depth.

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                      I'm strictly a black tea drinker, have you tried their Irish Breakfast or Ceylon blends? I'm a novice to specialty tea shops, I know what I like in terms of taste and texture but I don't know what the proper "tea-verbage" is. For example, I like Twinnings Irish B'fast b/c it has the basic taste of an English B'fast with an added umph...I didn't know how to describe that taste until I was reading some of the posts from Adagio Teas where someone described a tea as "peppery" and that perfectly described the "umph" but what actual tea gives the blend that kick? Is it Assam? I know how high grade Ceylon taste so it's not that. Any ideas? Plus, what are your favorites?

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                        For the black teas I really like earl grey creme (smoother version of earl grey), mrs earl grey (spiced version), vanilla bean black (its ceylon!), and almond biscotti (so good- like a cookie!). Spice nut mate is really good- check out the link- its got a cafffeine like substance- but w/o the side effects of coffee. http://www.teavana.com/Mate+Teas/cid=...
                        To me- tea has so many flavors, especially the blended ones- at the store they let you see and smell the loose tea before you buy, and they have flowers, nuts, and loads of other stuff mixed in. Essentially tho- I think its like wine in a way, lots of flavors, different scents on the nose, and weights in the mouth- but without that funky coffee after taste.
                        I personally love the rooibos teas, they are a bit lighter than the blacks and mates- the fruit really shines through (blueberry bliss is to die!). Also the night night herbal tea is a chamomile blend that is very calming before bed. Hope this helps :)

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                        I've been to a Teavana in a mall and was thoroughly confused by it. I saw they had cut-outs of bubble tea (my favorite) and when in, they didn't have a real menu and I saw no signs of bubble tea. Am I just stupid or is that place hard to navigate for first timers?

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                          Yes it is. Actually we didn't like the one at international mall in tampa- the people weren't helpful- but lately they have been great- recommending mixes and things you would like. Just ask a lot of questions. The Citrus Park mall one is great tho- they are super nice and knowledgeable.

                      3. Mrs Jfood is an avid tea drinker. Irish and English Breakfast. Many Twinings boxes in our pantry. When Jfood likes a caffeine tea the choice is Twinings Lapsang Souchong. It has a full smoky flavor and supposedly high caffeine. After dinner I have been drinking mint tea, sorta cools the palate.

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                          Mint tea is supposed to be really good for digestion.