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Feb 7, 2007 10:30 AM

Fav lunch spots phx/scttsdl

I'm new here and love reading about new places. I thought I would share some of my favorite places for lunch (usually go on Sat and Sun). Hope others share their favs.

La Pressa Torta on 7th Street south of Hatcher. If you like the Ranch Market you will LOVE this place. Fresh juice drinks and huge portions of delicious mexican food. Try the shrimp tacos and a lemon/lime drink. Really stellar.

Le Sans Souci in Carefree. This place is just so fun. It's like stepping in a time machine to the 1960's. Old fashioned french food with professional waiters. The sunday brunch is fun. The food is not trendy, but comforting. The crowd is a hoot...alot of spry 90 year olds mixed in with the local Carefree crowd. Good eggs benedict and florentine.

The Golden Budha by the airport....on 40th street I think. Really good dim sum.

The Olive and Ivy near the water canal Scottsdale and Camelback. The egg sandwich is the best I've ever had. The place is a bit too cool for school, but the staff is friendly so I put up with it.

Sushi on Shea. Best sushi in the Phx hands down. Try the lunch special with handrolls. It comes with a fantastic little fresh salad and bowl of miso soup.

I look forward to reading your recs.

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  1. I agree that dim sum at Golden Buddha can be fun. There are even more dim sum options in Chandler, but I haven't gotten to them yet. La Pressa Torta is new to me, although not too far from home. I'll have to give it a try.

    Some favorites of mine that are open both Saturday and Sunday for lunch:

    Tradiciones at Phoenix Ranch Market -- lunch seven days a week with an additional brunch buffet in a separate room on Sundays

    California Pizza Kitchen at Biltmore Fashion Park -- a national chain, but I still love it

    T. Cook's at the Royal Palms -- excellent lunches six days a week with my favorite Sunday brunch on the seventh day

    Udupi Cafe in Tempe -- a buffet is available seven days a weeks at this 100% vegetarian southern Indian restaurant, but on the weekends there are additional selections that add to the variety.

    Sabuddy -- Israeli restaurant at Scottsdale and Shea with the best falafel in PHX, in my opinion.

    Pita Jungle -- multiple locations for healthful food with a Middle Eastern influence

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    1. re: silverbear

      Hey silverbear, I've wanted to try Udupi, now I will.

      I like Sabuddy, haven't had the falafel. If you are up in the Carefree area there is a similar restaurant. Maybe Lebanese or Jordanian? Not Israeli...but the food is quite similar. Try the baba wrap. It's a babaganoush (sp) sandwich and just wonderful. Also, there is an Egyptian place at Scottsdale and McDowell in the old mall. Have you tried their buffet? Pretty good. The taboulleh is the BEST. They put pomegranite in it.

      I love the chicken and humous at Pita Jungle. My husband thinks PJ is dirty and not very good, so I rarely get to go. I kind of like the vibe there myself.

      I can't believe I still haven't been to T. Cooks. I guess this sounded to "main stream" for us, but I'll give it a try at your suggestion.

      Do check out La Pressa Torta. You won't regret it.

      1. re: silverbear

        do you know how much the buffet is at udupi?

        1. re: abbefaith

          if memory servers, its around 9 bucks i think??? its reasonable..and tasty :D

          1. re: winedubar

            That sounds about right. It's a little pricier on weekends than during the week because there are a few more items included in the buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. That also applies on most holidays.

      2. Four of us dined at Sans Souci last Feb. and were very disappointed with the evening as the waitstaff were very slow, we were seated in the back where tables were never cleared around us for over an hour, and we (I) went to the front desk to ask for our check when we had benn waiting at least 15 minutes post dessert for the bill. The nice antique French manager/owner was there to greet at the beginning, but we got the feeling that he had gone home, and the staff could then ignore us. The food was not bad, but for the price, and bad service, surely not worth it.

        1. LGO, Chelsea's, Arcadia Farms, Delux, Cowboy Ciao, etc.

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          1. re: AZBconcierge

            have to 2nd, 3rd and 4th the recommendation for lgo. we just found out about it from the board about a month ago and have been 6 times? croque madame (with egg) for sunday brunch/lunch is yummy. it's where my pregnant wife always wants to go. she says it reminds her of the feel of the independent cafes of australia (where she's from). pizzas are great. coffees are great. tammie coe cupcakes. then arlecchio's for a treat after? yummy.

            1. re: ccl1111

              ha! I had to go to LGO every Sunday for the turkey panini when I was pregnant with #1 a few years back.
              watch it ccl1111..sounds like you might be putting on some "sympathy weight". :D

              Just a note about Tradiciones mentioned above: I was just at Ranch Market today and the sign outside of the restaurant says they're closed Mondays.

            2. re: AZBconcierge

              i've been wanting to try arcadia farms since i moved here in 2002, and i still haven't been there!

              1. re: abbefaith

                they do the cafe's at the heard museum and phx art museum...the tamales at the heard cafe are really good. and the museum is free on tuesday nite, and open til 9 pm. head over then try the arcadia farms cafe. they also do city bakery, which is next to the bentley projects space downtown.

            3. mcgurkee's - lately ive been overloading on their jp mcgurkee sandwhich..that place has been there forEVER...

              ritos' - because the green chile burro is this side of heaven

              carolina's - because i could drink their enchilada sauce

              lo lo's chicken and waffles - because sometimes i miss my southern grandma's fried chicken

              richardson's - some days i just want their adobo and its good and hot and perfect

              zoe's - its fast, and fairly healthy

              lisa g's wine bar - the steak salad is the best

              darnit - i just noticed you said saturday or sunday...

              ok, for hungover weekend food its still richardsons - who couldn't love their jalapeno hollendaise egg beneditct with filet instead of ham??? mmmmmmmm

              matt's big breakfast - only when the crowd isn't 5000 people deep

              lo lo's - on sunday between breakkie and the church crowd..quite frankly the best people watching and fashions on parade in central phoenix. almost makes me wish i still went to church ;)

              the farm at south mountain's morning glory cafe - help yourself coffee, which i think is a genius idea and more places should try it...great breakfast, then i can shop a bit at the garden pretty, outside, lush - almost like being away from phoenix

              french farmers market at vincents on camelback - only open til may, then back again in october..have the crepe made by one of vincents sons...a little slice of france in central phoenix

              mel's diner - for those times when you absolutely positively need a greasy spoon

              el portal - when i am dying for chilequeles

              ta da!!!

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              1. re: winedubar

                Winedubar, great call on Richardson's egg benedict!
                The great thing about Richardson's for a weekend brunch is you can make a reservation when you have four or more people. However, they still may run 15-20 minutes late...Just shows how much people like to hang out and drink a fine Bloody Mary!

                1. re: bangbang

                  i know, right? i figure if you are going for the post-hangover pig out, it might as well be good ;) plus the smoke from the fire for the grill makes me feel like i'm camping :D

                  *shudder* i don't know what it is but the thought of a bloody mary makes me skeered. don't know why i can't bring myself to drink them!!!

              2. Vincent's Market Bistro is AWEsome.