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Feb 7, 2007 10:17 AM

Everest question

I'm planning an anniversary dinner and I have a few options, but Everest is in the lead because of their vegetarian menu. My understanding is the pre-theater menu is a bargain, but it is fixed so that's not an option.

The question, that I have not been able to get solid information on, is just how much does dinner there typically run? I know it's "expensive" but Topolobampo is expensive (we ate there for under $250 with wine) but so is Charlie Trotter's (more than that for food alone).

So if someone who's been recently, what's my price range for two people, excluding wine? And is it reasonable to think I can get away with either four glasses or a bottle of wine for under $150?

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  1. Nxasty (poster on this board) just posted that entrees run about $40. You may want to quick search on this board.

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      It's been a couple of years since I was there, but I'm pretty sure entrees now run around $40. If you figure around $65-80 per person for food if you order a la carte, and $100 if you get the seven-course tasting menu, you should be in the ballpark. Add alcohol and tax/tip on top of that. I would be shocked if you couldn't get a decent bottle of wine for well under $100 (although different people have different definitions of "decent").

    2. Altho there are lots of bottles for over $150, getting a tasty one for your dinner well below that price should be no problem.

      Chef Joho is from Alsace, and good Alsatian wines are still pretty much of a bargain in US.