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Feb 7, 2007 10:16 AM

best fish & chips penrose

does anyone know of another fish & chip joint that can compete with penrose?

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  1. There are a couple of threads about that I think...
    Here's one..

    1. Not necessarily any better, but certainly on par is High Street Fish and Chips located at 55 Underhill Drive. Just north of Lawrence, east of the DVP. Excellent!

      1. Sometimes you get a craving for something nice and crispy and a little greasy...forget Penrose and Duckworths...they're coasting on reputation from about 15 years ago...Try British Fish and Chips on Coxwell and Dundas (across the street from the Police Station) ...get 'em to go and eat 'em in the park just south on can thank me later

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          "Coasting on reputation"? What are these fine F&C shops doing differently now? No complaints about British F&C, they serve up some tasty grub, but I don't need the green dye on my fish on St. Paddy''s Day. :-)

          1. Any place that doesn't use McCain's fries and Captain Highliner fish sticks can compete. I went there after seeing one of those CFTO "My Toronto Is..." spots. The fish and chips I had was no worse but no better than any other F&C. I guess my expectations were heightened after seeing the TV spots often.

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              There are already a couple of current alive and lively threads about fish & chips without having to resurrect one from two years ago. Here's one -