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Feb 7, 2007 10:10 AM

Fort Lauderdale seafood-- Blue Moon?

Hi-- We are travelling to Ft. Lauderdale for the weekend and def. want to go to a good seafood restaurant. I was thinking of trying to go to either Blue Moon and Sunfish Grill but I'm worried that Blue Moon is just a tourist trap and will be cheesy. Any thoughts or other recommendations?

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  1. Blue Moon is not cheesy at all, nor a tourist trap. Nice food in a lovely venue. If the weather is good, you can sit right by the intra-coastal.
    We were treated Very poorly at Sunfish Grill and ended up, with our friends, walking out. We ordered a $50 bottle of wine and when we asked to have better, larger glasses, we were told that they were reserved for wine that was more expensive. The meal would have cost around $400 for the four of us. To me, that was cheesy!

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      We went to Sunfish Grill for our anniversary,,,,thought the restaurant was a best mediocre, Bad service, ok food....Sun Sentinel Judith Stocks food reporter, should be fired,,,she gave it 4 stars,,,,she did that for a few other restaurants and she led us astray also....avoid Sunfish grill

    2. Blue Moon is very good and a lovely setting. Never been to sunfish.

      1. Blue moon is GORGEOUS and the food is almost too great to eat- it will photograph like a pic out of Gourmet mag...BUT it is fabulous tasting also!

        Sunfish Grill is also good- but the Blue Moon's setting ON the Intracoastal is a way better bet for an elegant and romantic dinner.

        Blue Moon is contemporary, hip and not at all touristy...hence, the prices are not cheap...But sooooooooooooo well worth it~

        1. I also agree that Blue Moon is far from cheesy. It's one of the few places that's directly on the water that isn't a tourist trap or rip off. The food is very good as is the service. Their Coral Springs location is just as good; no view; but slightly less expensive than their eastern outpost. With nice weather, I'd definitely choose Blue Moon over Sunfish if you are going to eat outside.

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            Sounds good! Thanks for your responses.

          2. I have been to Blue Moon three times and have found it very consistent and very delicious. I agree with the poster that was disappointed with Sunfish Grill. I thought it was incredibly dull and does NOT deserve all the hooplah. If you like seafood with a Mexican flair, then head to the Canyon.