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Feb 7, 2007 09:57 AM

Calgary Chocolate Scene

Any recommendations for stores in calgary that sell french chocolate or beligium other then bernard callebaut???

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  1. I like Coppeneur chocolate which you can get at the Cookbook Company, Lina's Italian Market or the new cupcake shop on 17th ave, Buttercream Bakeshop.

    Oh and then there's Les Truffes - they have a store in Banker's Hall, truffles to die for and just the thing when you are sick of Callebaut.

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      I second Les Truffles, phenomenal product. The only problem is, they are quite expensive!

      Did you want the chocolate for baking, or for gifts/general consumption?

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      1. Not sure if CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM fits your topic...but Manuel Latorre (SP?) is pretty good stuff!

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          Latruwe :-) "Latorre" sounds... spicy.

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          1. Are you wanting bonbons or actual solid chocolate? There is no one who is using chocolate that outside the parameter of Barry-Callebaut, Lindt, and Belcolade. Barry Callebaut is actually Cocoa Barry from France and i refer this company as the twin to Callebaut who is Belgium. The Barry-Callebaut company is swiss owned and is probably the second or third largest manufacturer of chocolate in the world. They have opened plants just recently in India, Japan, China, and Mexico. I do use Cocoa Barry because I like their blends much better than Callebaut (even though they are the same company!) I don't go below 60% in dark chocolate and the Cocoa Barry that i use is 64% I hope to have two lines of chocolate. One line is using the cocoa barry which will keep the price down on bonbons, and then have an upper line using "noble beans" chocolate that i might lable as my "terroir line" I am currently writing a competitive marketing analysis for the chocolate industry in Calgary and nobody is using any of the high end couverature. Bernard does have his own formula made for him but the only thing different that he can do in his formula is dictate the cocoa butter amounts.
            The more cocoa butter the smoother the chocolate.

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              I work for the company that owns Belcolade! As far as I know Calgary isn't much of a Belcolade city, we are very strong/active in Vancouver however.

              Good luck with the venture, it sounds very interesting.....