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most beautiful eating experiences in greater phx?

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another thread prompted to me think that this would make SUCH a good list. part of our charm here is the atmosphere and views....

what restuarants offer a spectacular view or environment? And when you list them, make a note of your opinion of the food, too :)

personally, i love the compass room. while it doesn't offer a mountain view, i love seeing downtown phoenix that way.

I'm also a huge fan of Rokerij.....their inside atmosphere is just amazingly cozy. they've done a kickass job of revamping that place to finally get the feel right.

for views, i love the princess..... their brunch has quite the spectacular line of sight from the patio.

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  1. Elements has amazing views and great food. I also like T. Cooks for atmosphere (and good food). Sassi has some great views as well, and I like the food.


    1. Different Pointe of View at Tapatio Cliffs -- The food has had its ups and downs over the years, but the view has always been terrific. Has anyone been there recently? I don't know much about the current chef and menu.

      1. I know there are a few places with patios and really great outdoor views..... can't think of any though. peeps?

        1. View from the patio at the Wrigley mansion, where the drinks are okay and the food is not so much so.

          1. And almost any venue at The Sanctuary.. (I almost forgot!)

            1. i know it's not the same caliber as the restaurants previously mentioned, but az88 is beautiful outside when the weather is great. plus you can get a nice atmosphere without breaking the bank.

              1. A few other beautiful Venues are El Chorro in Paradise Valley, food is pretty traditional but they offer a few gems: Shad Roe on toast, and Chateaubriand.... As well as the old fashioned relish tray! Don't forget their killer sticky buns! ....Go @ Sunset looking up @ Camelback Mountain.

                Mary Elaines facing the window...food and ambiance are both over the top.

                1. No view, but I've always enjoyed the patio at House of Tricks. Food is consistently good as well.

                  The dining room at Kai at sunset is lovely. Have never had a bad meal there either.

                  1. I agree with Mary Elaine's and Elements, both have fantastic views. But I imagine the Compass Room (as mentioned) would have the best views. Any revolving restaurant should that high up, should have great views. I have heard that the views are much better than the food though....

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                      actually, i quite like the food at compass room, though i've only been for brunch. the food is really quite good, and i think their selection is refreshingly not overwhelming for brunch, and the price is certainly right.

                      as for the view, that will get better with time:) you're mostly seeing construction and the rooftop at a neighboring hotel right now.

                    2. Hm-m, guess I can do this. Overall (food, view/ambiance/wine): elements, Wrigley Mansion (though I have not tried the new chef), Different Pointe of View (with reservations, and not those that you make on the phone - it depends on the staff and the night. Had good and bad, but the view is definitely there), gotta' be at least one more, but the mind is blank. (Had so-so food at the Compass Room, but the view is great!)

                      For food/wine/ambiance, but no view, I'd opt for Vincent's, Lon's, Vu (though the views of the grounds are nice), T-Cooks, Sophie's (like the French farm-house atmosphere, and love the art work, but Serg needs to work on the wine list some more). I love the food and wine at Binkley's, but the ambiance needs some work. Mary Elaine's does get up on the list, but one has to really be careful with the wine, as they can be burned very, very badly, if not extremely careful. Food has been good through two chefs, but there is still the wine list... Mosaics, Michael's at the Citadel, Durant's (gotta' be in the mood for the atmosphere, but it is rich, so it gets points there), again, there have to be a few more, but the gray-matter isn't working all that well. I need more Zinfandel !