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Feb 7, 2007 09:17 AM

where to get chocolate mold in Boston?

Hi, does anyone in the boston area where I could go any buy some to use this weekend? I of course am thinking about this the last minute and an online order will not likely make it in time, so any local candy supply suggestions? So long as it is inside of 128, I can get to it.


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  1. Brenners in Malden on Osprey Rd off Rte 99. Micheals chain stores carries chocolate molds as do AC Moore stores.

    1. If you are nearby Arlington, that might be your best bet. Paper and More Party goods on Mass Ave (they have a web site) has a reasonable collection and Playtime in the center also has some.

      AC Moore has some stuff and Michaels may have it too and they are all over the place, but somewhat limited selection.

      Verna's closed and although Lorraine's continued as a Latino-oriented cake place, it recently moved to party decoration rentals. They might still have stock but its a long shot -- on Cambridge St, near Courthouse Seafood.

      1. I'm pretty sure I saw some at Sur La Table at the Chestnut Hill mall at Christmas -- you could call and check.

        1. Party Needs in Waltham has a great selection (I couldn't find gummi bear molds anywhere except there, not even online). I'll second (third?) Michael's.