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Feb 7, 2007 09:13 AM

Anyone Been to Bernard's in Chestnut Hill?

Does anyone have recent feedback on Bernard's in Chestnut Hill? I know it's a bit more expensive than the usual places, but I won't mind if the food is good. If you've eaten there in the past six months, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I went once and wasn't thrilled by it. My chicken chow foon dish was a bit mushy and bland. I've generally heard mixed reviews about the place. Probably better off going a few minutes east to Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village, IMO.

    1. I have not been in years but it was always good when i used to go. Its not authentic but its all done with quality ingredients and tasty. They always had really good hot & sour soup i remember.

      1. Is it cheap and authentic? No and no. Is it terrible? No, it's decent for upscale American Chinese; my soup noodle dish there about a year ago was fresh and filling, not bad at all. Is it the best dining option at the Mall at Chestnut Hill? Yes, but you're in suburban chain-dining hell: your nearby options include Charley's, Papa Razzi, the Capital Grille, Legal, Bertucci's, and the Cheesecake Factory. Le's (Vietnamese) in the Atrium is a bit better and cheaper. If you have time and cash, the original Oishii is close, too, and is outstanding.

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          Speaking of the area (and bad chinese)... What is currently in the strip across the street from the mall where back in the day Ming Garden and China Sails were? I have lost track of what goes in/out of that area.

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            I like Aquitaine. Would not put it in the category of Papa Razzi and the likes.

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              That's an oversight on my part: I quite agree that Aquitaine Bis should not be lumped in with those places. Is it my imagination, or do portions seem a lot bigger than at the South End location?

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                not sure, its been a while since I went to SE aquitane. With parking issues and all, I usually try other places in town. Overall, I am usually full after the bis, and I appreciate the well priced french wines. A red burg for less than $40 is unfortunately a good price these days.

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              Green Tea also is just a mile or so down Route 9 from the Mall.

            3. Bernards is one of our favorite places. Yes, there are mixed reviews but I believe that those who don't like it are people who insist that their Chinese be "authentic." We eat at Bernards often (about once every 6 weeks). We have never had a bad meal there. The food is booked as "gourmet" Chinese. While it is on the expensive side, the food is extremely fresh and nicely cooked. That said, I can only offer opinions on the dishes we often order. For appetizers, the Thai spareribs, chili peanut wontons, baby eggplants stuffed with shrimp mousse, spring rolls, shumai and dumplings are all good.
              I usually order the "must try" shrimp in black bean sauce with fried shallots and string beans. Yummy. The crispy sea bass is delicious. The sirloin with broccolli is excellent.
              The chicken in apple wine sauce "must try" is also excellent. The Peking duck is very good and no advanced notice is required.The vegetables, e.g. green beans, chinese broccolli, are very good. The chicken soung is tasty.
              The wait staff is excellent. They are familiar with the menu and can recommend dishes if you tell them what you are looking for. I have a friend who often asks them to make things that are not on the menu and they oblige. You can also ask if there are things available that are not on the menu. And, when soft shell crab season rolls around their rendition is extremely well done.
              Again, there are others who will disagree but I say try it and decide for yourself.

              1. i had excellent soft-shell crabs there last year. some of the best i've ever had.

                i've always had a solid meal there. not too adventurous, but certainly better than the other options in that particular mall.