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Feb 7, 2007 09:11 AM

Great place to take the boyfriend?

I am looking for a good meal with my boyfriend for his birthday next week. Right now I have reservations at Rasika but, am having second thoughts. He is a sports oriented guy who likes to have a good meal so I guess I was looking for an interesting restaurant with a cool ambiance or an interesting take on tradiational food. I don't want to spend a lot of money but, still want to hold onto ambiance. Any ideas??

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  1. I can be very much a guys guy at times, so here's my thought. Go to dinner at Rasika or some place in Gallery Place/Metro center and then go over to Shelly's back room and get him a cigar and a stiff drink :)

    1. Maybe one of the Brizalian steak places? There's Chima in Tyson's that has a good review from Wash. Post. And I've also heard Greenfield (?) in Rockville, which offered similar experience for cheaper.
      There's always Fogo de Chao in DC, which may be priest of all. When I took my bf there for his bd last year, it set me back almost $200. Thats 1 steak dinner, 1 salad bar, and 3 drinks, plus tax and tip. They also charge me cutting fee ($12) for a cake I brought.

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        Those must be expensive drinks at Fogo, though I agree that it's probably a good place for a celebration. I seem to remember that the full meat experience was $45 or $49 at dinner, and I assume it's less without the meat.

        I recall a review in the Post of Chima a few weeks ago that I thought was kind of lukewarm though I don't believe we've had a chowhound report of the place yet.

      2. I was going to suggest Fogo dc Chao too.

        I took my bf there over the summer for his bday. The ambience is great and the food is really good (prepare to be stuffed). I got out of there for about $120 and it was well worth it. I didn't bring a cake, but you can save by doing the dessert at home - you'll probably be too full to eat it anyway. It's about $50/person and that includes all the meat you can eat, salad bar, plantains and pop-overs.

        Skip the drinks at dinner to save money and take the advice from above and go to Shelly's when you leave! Haven't been, but sounds pretty cool.

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          It's very smokey, but it's a cigar bar, so what do you expect? :)