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Feb 7, 2007 08:58 AM

Glasgow, Edinburgh recommendations?

I will be in Glasgow and Edinburgh for nine days at the end of February. As I've never been in Scotland before, I'm seeking any and all suggestions for good, interesting, and hopefully cheap food, things I shouldn't miss or wouldn't be able to get here in New York. It doesn't have to be fancy, either; hole-in-the-wall places are fine.

And of course, best haggis? Anything else quintessentially Scottish? Foodstuff I should make a point of smuggling home?

I'm staying in the SAS Radisson on Argyle Street in Glasgow, and on High Street in Edinburgh, if that helps pinpoint my location any.


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  1. Be sure to do a search for both cities on this board. There have been a number of posts on both cities here over the past few years. You should be able to find some hepful suggestions and recommendations.

    1. I had to stop myself laughing.. you are coming from New York one of my most favouirite cities to eat in. However, here are some of my favourites. I live in Glasgow so not much to say about Edinburgh. For Chinese/Malaysian Asia Style, for the best Indian ever Mother India Cafe- make sure you got o the cafe not the restuarant. Stravaigin for modern cooking using Scottish ingredients. You should probably have some fish and chips whilst you are here. There are probably better but the 'blue lagoon' chain I find so good fish bsuppers and any other bizarre things such as deep fried mars bars if you must scratch that itch.. Given where you are coming from I think you will find the variety much less than you are used to. In Edinburgh my most favourite restaurant although not cheap is Martin Wishart which I rate up there with Gordon Ramsay..

      1. I agree with Rekha that the deep fried Mars bar is something you check out. I know when I went there in 2001 that's what I came back talking about.

        I'm actually going back in June, and I'm trying to see if there are any distillery tours near St. Andrews that someone would recommend. A surprising lack of information when search Google...

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          I have been thinking about this and felt that I had done my city an injustice, so if you want some good delis head to the west end. Heart Buchannan on Byres road is a regular haunt of mine excellent cheese, meat and they do hot food daily. Nearby on Great Western Road is the best cheese shop better even than you may get in NY, called Ian Mellis. Here you will be able to taste cheese from all over the country esp blues. A bit further down is Lupe Pintos, they specialise in Cnetral South Amercian stuff so maybe not what you are looking for.. nearby there is the Liquid Ship which is great fro a pint and lunch. On Queen Margaret Drive is North Star a tiny cafe whihc in my opinion does the best bacon sandwiches ever and lovely portuguese coffee. I think you should have a bacon snadwich there. In the city centre not sure where to recommend.. Princes Square a lovely shopping centre has many restuarants and bars Hemmingways is ok as is Fifi and Allys for a snac. A bit further up is Cafe Hula which again is portugueuse and does lovely stew.. Hope that helps.

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            There are very few distilleries near St. Andrews or anywhere else in Fife. Go to


            The only distillery in Fife that comes up is Cameron Bridge, in Leven. It does not indicate whether or not they give tours.

          2. For the best smoked salmon and steaks to be had in the UK-The Champany Inn in Linlithgow, about a 25 minute drive outside of Edinburgh. Expensive, but a unique British experience

            1. Thanks Rekha and DavidT for the recs. I'll be sure to post any findings when I go this summmer....