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Jun 7, 2005 04:35 PM

Birthday Cake Comparison - Marin County

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I'm coming from out of town to celebrate a birthday and want to bring a cake. Has anyone had cake from Debbie Does Dessert in San Anselmo, Connie's Cafe & Bakery in San Rafael, or Lafayette French Pastry in San Rafael? Or, where else can you recommend? Thanks.

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  1. I can't compare to the others, but the cake I've had from Debbie Does Dessert was was a picture cake, and they did a nice job of that, without detracting from the flavor...

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      I have bought a few cakes and sat for dessert at Sweet Things, only one problem in a year of going there was that twice for a party I bought the Chocolate Cake and it was old and dry, I have had to be extra cautious when buying a whole cake from then on. I have to say they make a scrumptious Carrot Cake. Taste of Tyrol though in my opinion offers a much fresher and delicate cake and pastry collection. Rulli in larkspur has beatiful Italian cakes, but also make sure they are fresh, Rulli is a bit more expensive than Taste of Tyrol.

    2. I haven't tried those bakeries, but I do like Sweet Things (I go to their outlet inside CalMart in SF, but they are based in Tiburon).

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        I would second Sweet Things. Had an excellent chocolate cake from them - I think it was Tuxedo Cake?

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          I would "third" Sweet Things. A cut above.

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            Mick Ruthven

            Sweet Things does a lot of chocolate things really well, and has for a long time. I'm far too much of a regular there.

        2. Connie's I am not familiar with. Lafayette seemed to me to be an old-line bakery that reminded me of the 1950s in its offerings and baking style--a bit too soft and sweet for my liking. However, it may be that style of birthday cake is just what you need. Debbie's was, for my taste, a higher quality with a variety of tarts and tortes--fruits & custard, chocolate, etc. For me, Debbie's would be the cake of choice.

          1. They have elegant cakes at

            A Taste Of Tyrol
            200 Northgate One
            San Rafael, CA

            1. There's also Victoria Pastry (yes, branch bakery from original in North Beach). I grew up having St. Honore cakes on birthdays, so maybe it's just me, but I LOVE these cakes!

              Here's a link - they're located in the Bon Air shopping center in Greenbrae, about 1 minute from the freeway, and lots of free parking (much easier to get to than SF).


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                I've enjoyed the cakes from Victoria Pastry. Brought a Princess cake to a graduation party (custom sized - half-sheet). Wonderful. No one doesn't love Victoria's Princess cake. (Light green maripan frosting, cream layers, raspberry jam, white cake.)

                We have one a few times a year as dinner party dessert. People ask for seconds.

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                  Now it is called Victoria Bakery and Cafe. Way more than what it used to be. It is worth a try. The new link is same classic products and more