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Birthday Cake Comparison - Marin County

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I'm coming from out of town to celebrate a birthday and want to bring a cake. Has anyone had cake from Debbie Does Dessert in San Anselmo, Connie's Cafe & Bakery in San Rafael, or Lafayette French Pastry in San Rafael? Or, where else can you recommend? Thanks.

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  1. I can't compare to the others, but the cake I've had from Debbie Does Dessert was good...it was a picture cake, and they did a nice job of that, without detracting from the flavor...

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      I have bought a few cakes and sat for dessert at Sweet Things, only one problem in a year of going there was that twice for a party I bought the Chocolate Cake and it was old and dry, I have had to be extra cautious when buying a whole cake from then on. I have to say they make a scrumptious Carrot Cake. Taste of Tyrol though in my opinion offers a much fresher and delicate cake and pastry collection. Rulli in larkspur has beatiful Italian cakes, but also make sure they are fresh, Rulli is a bit more expensive than Taste of Tyrol.

    2. I haven't tried those bakeries, but I do like Sweet Things (I go to their outlet inside CalMart in SF, but they are based in Tiburon).

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        I would second Sweet Things. Had an excellent chocolate cake from them - I think it was Tuxedo Cake?

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          I would "third" Sweet Things. A cut above.

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            Mick Ruthven

            Sweet Things does a lot of chocolate things really well, and has for a long time. I'm far too much of a regular there.

        2. Connie's I am not familiar with. Lafayette seemed to me to be an old-line bakery that reminded me of the 1950s in its offerings and baking style--a bit too soft and sweet for my liking. However, it may be that style of birthday cake is just what you need. Debbie's was, for my taste, a higher quality with a variety of tarts and tortes--fruits & custard, chocolate, etc. For me, Debbie's would be the cake of choice.

          1. They have elegant cakes at

            A Taste Of Tyrol
            200 Northgate One
            San Rafael, CA

            1. There's also Victoria Pastry (yes, branch bakery from original in North Beach). I grew up having St. Honore cakes on birthdays, so maybe it's just me, but I LOVE these cakes!

              Here's a link - they're located in the Bon Air shopping center in Greenbrae, about 1 minute from the freeway, and lots of free parking (much easier to get to than SF).

              Link: http://victoriapastry.com/ordering.htm

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                I've enjoyed the cakes from Victoria Pastry. Brought a Princess cake to a graduation party (custom sized - half-sheet). Wonderful. No one doesn't love Victoria's Princess cake. (Light green maripan frosting, cream layers, raspberry jam, white cake.)

                We have one a few times a year as dinner party dessert. People ask for seconds.

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                  Now it is called Victoria Bakery and Cafe. Way more than what it used to be. It is worth a try. The new link is www.victoriabakerymarin.com same classic products and more

                2. I do like Sweet Things although very sweet! But they did an awesome job of my daughters' cakes with Annie and June from The Little Einsteins on the top of their cakes! Very impressive. Debbie is good with an adult palate and fruity type flavors;her Lemon cake is nice. I am trying to still find that COOL CUSTOM 3-D cake for my girls this year but can't seem to find that in Marin yet.

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                    Debbie Does Dessert in San Anselmo has awesome looking cakes on her website, but I haven't tried one yet.