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Feb 7, 2007 08:47 AM

Cheap eats (lunch) on 50st and 8 Ave

I recently started a new job in this area and it's been a while since I worked in midtown/west.
Any suggestions for good eat-in or takeout lunch spots that are under $8 in walking distance? Thanks!

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  1. Presuming that <$8 has to cover a beverage (soft drink?), tax and, possibly, a tip...

    Uncle Nick's, on 9th Av., b/t 50th & 51st Sts., has gyro and souvlaki sandwiches for $4.95.

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      I prefer Greek Kitchen on 10th at 58th for gyros and souvlaki.

    2. Luigi's pizza on 8th and mid 50s was not so bad when I worked in that area.
      There's a wendy's and mcdonalds on 56, 57th or something .

      Avenues are fairly long though.

      But definitely hit 9th avenue.

      double cooked pork lunch special at Grand Sichuan. It's a dollar more to sit inside than take out.

      pad see ew, pad kra kow, lard na from Pam Real Thai. avoid the curry. You'll probably be drinking water fountain water and taking out. As it's probably close to 8 dollars after tax.

      Go sushi. Not sure I would eat the sushi there (a lot of people do though) but the other stuff is fine. Don;t think you need to tip as it is self service.

      10th avenue has
      cheap 2 dollar taco joints like tulcingo de valle or Tehuitzingo Deli
      and cheap indian places like desi deli.

      1. Azuri Cafe for really good falafel sanwiches (around $4-$5) (51st between 9th and 10th), you could also just walk down 9th and see if anything interests you.

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          Strongly second the Azuri rec. Best deal is the small falafel combo platter.

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            As an Israeli I appreciate good falafel. I will send you my report. thx for this info

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              You should also try Taim in the Village if you're Israeli...

          2. It's kind of a tough area. Sosa Borella is a little more than that depending on what you order, but a good's right on the corner of 50th and 8th. The Amish market(not sure if that's the actual name) is on 9th Avenue b/t 49th and 50th and has good soups and sandwiches. Hale and Hearty is on 49th, just past 7th, as is Sapporo for pretty decent ramen. Also just tried Aki on 48th b/t 8th and Broadway and they had some great sushi lunch deals (2 rolls for $8?).

            1. Wondee Siam and Wondee Siam II are on 9th ave around 50/54th. It's good Thai food. Also, a popular inexpensive restaurant is Vynl, on 9th Avenue between 50th and 52st. I second Azuri, as well.