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Feb 7, 2007 08:44 AM

Best Restaurant Deals

I wanted to start a list of good deals (not really cheap restaurants, but either food or alchohol deals that make a more expensive or moderately priced restaurant a good deal).

For example: Commander's lunch, Fire has 10 cent martinis on friday lunches, Dick and Jenny's caraffe of wine and reasonable prices, and Gabrielle's early bird special (if they re-institute it).

Examples- oyster nights, early birds, lobster night, etc.

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  1. For starters Gabrielle's is not open, Mona's is a good value, and Ignatius on Magazine has authentic food and good prices.

    1. This needs to be continued as I am on a budget but love new orleans' food. Ralph's on the park brought back 3 appetizers and a glass of wine for $25...i would check the website to get all the details. I also read that cuvee will be adding a prix fix lunch on Wed. and Thur for $23. I also feel that being able to eat Crabby Jacks for less then $10 for lunch is a steal. Asian Cajun also has a very competitvely priced lunch menu...any one else have some suggestions?

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        1/2 priced bottle of wine night or $10 bottle of wine night
        Slice- Tuesday
        Theo's/Reginelli's- Wednesday.

        $10 Indian Buffet for dinner at Nirvana Sunday and Thursday nights.

        1. re: bbares81

          I would say Reginelli's on Monday or Tuesday, when pitchers of Abita are $2.

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            And of course, free Nirvana 'buffet" (only three chafing dishes of stuff and rice, but still, it's free) on Sunday afternoons at the Rendezvous.

        2. My neighbors told me that Brigsten's still has their early bird special - in their first hour of opening, choice of appetizer, then entree and desert for a set price. Don't know exact price though.