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Feb 7, 2007 08:41 AM

Anyone Been to China Sky in Wellesley?

I'm looking for feedback on China Sky in Wellesley. I've recently eaten at CK Shanghai twice and thought it merely passable. Is China Sky a better bet? I live in Newton and usually go to Chinatown, but I'm looking for a good suburban option for these cold winter nights.

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  1. Have had many dinners at China Sky and a few at CK. I agree, CK is barely passable. China is quite good but in comparison to many places, somewhat expensive. E.g. an order of spring rolls is only one! The restuarant is a very nice space, beautifully decorated and the serves decent cocktails. The serve some Japenese items but have never tried them.Another very good option, especiallly if you live in Newton, is Jumbo Seafood in Newton Center, a branch of the same place in Chinatown. The menu is more interesting than the menu at China sky, is of course seafood heavy and also has dim sum on weekends. They have a nice bar with tv which is a comfortable place to sit. Both places have good parking. Would be interested in your opinion of China Sky as we have not been in awhile after a period of eating there regularly.

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      I've been to Jumbo in Newton Center several times and actually thought CK Shanghai was much better than Jumbo, both the food and the service. My dad lives in Newton Center and is a very loyal guy and he, too, agreed that CK Shanghai was miles better than Jumbo. I will let you know what we think about China Sky.

    2. Ive been to CK once with a group of 7 and none of us would return.

      1. I've never been to CK as I've heard bad things here. Went to China Sky once and was unhappy with the price/quality ration, in that the prices were high for the small portions of decent enough but not wonderful food. That said, my employer did a small event in their back room and the food was good and the staff very accomodating.

        We usually drive a few miles out of Wellesley to Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham, where we feel the prices and portions are fair and the flavors much, much better. We recently tried Beijing Star in Waltham and were impressed.

        1. Though it is small and the wine list limited, I like Shanghai Toyko in Natick right on 135 near the Dunkin' Donuts.

          1. The food at China Sky is quite good, but I agree that it's way too expensive. Shing Yee in West Newton is pretty good and more reasonable. Also, Bamboo in Dedham is ok (nice buffet)

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              We used to get take out pupu platters from Shing Yee when we lived on Moody Street in Waltham. Very good Americanized Chinese.