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Anyone Been to China Sky in Wellesley?

I'm looking for feedback on China Sky in Wellesley. I've recently eaten at CK Shanghai twice and thought it merely passable. Is China Sky a better bet? I live in Newton and usually go to Chinatown, but I'm looking for a good suburban option for these cold winter nights.

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  1. Have had many dinners at China Sky and a few at CK. I agree, CK is barely passable. China is quite good but in comparison to many places, somewhat expensive. E.g. an order of spring rolls is only one! The restuarant is a very nice space, beautifully decorated and the serves decent cocktails. The serve some Japenese items but have never tried them.Another very good option, especiallly if you live in Newton, is Jumbo Seafood in Newton Center, a branch of the same place in Chinatown. The menu is more interesting than the menu at China sky, is of course seafood heavy and also has dim sum on weekends. They have a nice bar with tv which is a comfortable place to sit. Both places have good parking. Would be interested in your opinion of China Sky as we have not been in awhile after a period of eating there regularly.

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      I've been to Jumbo in Newton Center several times and actually thought CK Shanghai was much better than Jumbo, both the food and the service. My dad lives in Newton Center and is a very loyal guy and he, too, agreed that CK Shanghai was miles better than Jumbo. I will let you know what we think about China Sky.

    2. Ive been to CK once with a group of 7 and none of us would return.

      1. I've never been to CK as I've heard bad things here. Went to China Sky once and was unhappy with the price/quality ration, in that the prices were high for the small portions of decent enough but not wonderful food. That said, my employer did a small event in their back room and the food was good and the staff very accomodating.

        We usually drive a few miles out of Wellesley to Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham, where we feel the prices and portions are fair and the flavors much, much better. We recently tried Beijing Star in Waltham and were impressed.

        1. Though it is small and the wine list limited, I like Shanghai Toyko in Natick right on 135 near the Dunkin' Donuts.

          1. The food at China Sky is quite good, but I agree that it's way too expensive. Shing Yee in West Newton is pretty good and more reasonable. Also, Bamboo in Dedham is ok (nice buffet)

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              We used to get take out pupu platters from Shing Yee when we lived on Moody Street in Waltham. Very good Americanized Chinese.


            2. Went to CK's once. Unimpressive and have not gone back. At China Sky you are paying for the "upscale ambience". It is a bit pricey and the protions are small to boot, but the food is tasty (I especially like Ganeral Gau's Tofu!) and the setting is nice. I second the nomination regarding Bamboo in Dedham. Definitely worth a visit. For great Chinese food in Newton/Wellesley, my recommendation would be Green Tea just off Rte 9 in the back of the Home Goods (now closed) Plaza.

              1. Ugh-Home Goods closed. Rats.

                Could one of you kind CHers tell me where China Sky is--I have Map Quested it and driven down Forest St, but have never seen it. If I'm on 16 heading West, with Bertucci's on my left, I imagine China Sk is near there on Forest--but where?


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                  If you are on Route 16 heading towards WellesleyCenter with Playhouse Square (which contains Bertucci's) on your left. take a left onto Forest and in that first block it is on the right but in the back set off from the street- in the space where there used to be a West Coast Video.

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                    Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to trying it!

                2. I agree China sky is very good but yes the prices arn't cheep but neither is the atmosphere.

                  1. China Sky is not inexpensive but has a very good menu. They also serve fresh sushi and the best mai tais!

                    1. It's close, but I prefer CK over China Sky. China Sky is all about atmosphere but CK seems a bit more real. If you don't order the standard favorites, but really venture outside of the American style "Chinese" food, then there's good things to be had. If your a plain Beef w Broc and General Gau, then China Sky might be a better option.

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                        China Sky is of a very high quality and that is why it may be a bit more but It's worth it. It's a lovely space and the service is always gracious. I have never had a bad meal there. The food is always very fresh and well flavored. Everything is good especially the shrimp and mango dish. I think it's called Shrimp Amazing. I like the cool flavors of ice cream that they serve for dessert. They also serve warm steamed towels and sliced oranges when the check arrives.
                        CK Shanghai is also a favorite of mine. I think their food is wonderful. I grew up eating Chinese food at least 3-4 times a week so I have eaten a lot of it in my life and I like both of these restaurants.

                      2. Nothing beat Joy Luck Cafe in Needham. That place was the best!!!!! Now closed. Rice Bowl is in there now and it is OK. CK is below average. They use taco tortilla wraps for the Moo Shi Pork? Quite bizarre. China Sky is OK. I am looking for something in the Needham area that knocked me over like Joy Luck. I am trying Bamboo tonight, in Dedham.

                        1. I saw that Shing Yee in West Newton is mentioned a few times here. I think Shing Yee is a great place for reliable Chinese. Nothing fancy, but it's good.

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                          1. Wow, you went to Alinea? waqs there a while back for a IACP conference!!!

                            China Sky was quite good, for what is available..last meali had was awful..and the hostess was unwelcoming, to a single lady, little did she know i tip well.
                            Chicken tasteless, and the pineapple watery and dull. wine was good.lately the wine is often better than the food.

                            1. Interesting feedback. We have had a number of good meals from C.K. Shanghai-esp. the fish with shanghai sauce. However, although the food we had when China Sky first opened was decent, the most recent meal I had their was pretty poor-overly fried food, gloppy sweet sauce, confused service (perhaps that same woman?). I like the idea that I can eat sushi while my husband has Chinese, but not for those prices! Head further into Framingham for Sichuan Garden or E.O. Noodle or go to Gitlos in Brighton.

                              1. We were there last week for my nephews graduation. It was excellent! Everything that we ordered was great. Delicious Hot and Sour soup, Great ribs, peking ravioli, scallion pancakes that were so thin and crispy. The moo shi shrimp was served and rolled up by the waiter. Our entrees were all delicious. The portions are not huge but I would rather have less of something delicious than a lot of icky food. I am not sure what it cost because my brother paid but if going to Wellesley I would go back there to eat.

                                1. DON'T GO IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY

                                  I am so annoyed I just dont know what to do. I love the food, but the service is atrocious! Imagine this, it is 6:30, you arrive on what appears to be a quiet night, the dinning room is less than 1/2 full with your husband and two small kids (2.5 & 4.5)... do you really need to say I would like to be out of here in less than an hour and 45 minutes, I mean seriously.. after waiting 40 minutes for appetizer the waiter has the NERVE to say after I complain that it is getting late (PS, the appetizers were COLD!) "you just finished your appetizers 5 minutes ago" yes, but it took 40 minutes to get the first course! (not to mention that I only complained 10 minutes after we were DONE with the apps) ERGH. We used to go at least 1-2 times a month and as good as the food is, I AM DONE! Over, not going back. Not until someone tells me the place has gotten better. A restaurant that caters to take out over patrons in the restaurant ordering drinks is STUPID! Rice Valley in Newton here we come!

                                  China Sky
                                  11 Forest St, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

                                  Rice Valley Restaurant
                                  821 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02460

                                  1. I like Green Tea in Newton on Elliot Street, the decor is shaky but the service and food is top shelf, Dim Sum on Sat and Sunday full house and the majority of customers for Dim Sum are Asian! Good Food Good People!

                                    Green Tea Restaurant
                                    24 Elliot St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

                                    1. Food is good and atmosphere is pleasant, tho' it is pricey for suburban Chinese. I like Rice Valley in W. Newton on Washington St. Green Tea is pretty good too, tho' last time I went there and sat in the bar, the bartender was inattentive and 3x's ignored my request for iced water to go with my cocktail.

                                      Green Tea Restaurant
                                      24 Elliot St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

                                      Rice Valley Restaurant
                                      821 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02460