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Feb 7, 2007 08:31 AM

St. Louis Italian

I rarely go out for Italian food in StL because the most of what's available is pretty ordinary. I've tended to favor Trattoria Marcella, but am planning to go out for Italian in a few days and want to try someplace different. Thinking about Lorenzo's or Limoncello. Any thoughts? Don't bother suggesting Bar Italia, Napoli or Gian Tony's, as I want better food than they offer. Thanks.

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  1. I liked Charlie's, moreso than Tony's. Don't know if it it qualifies as "better" than what you listed tho.

    1. I like Lorenzo's Trattoria very much. Italian, not "St. Louis Italian." Not as fancy as Tratt. Marcella, though, if that's a consideration.

      1. Try Frank Pappa's Ristorante on Brentwood. It's fancy like Trat and very good food. Or Kemoll's, which is downtown, also very, very good.

        1. Kemoll's hands down! Its wonderful!

          1. I'd second the Lorenzo's suggestion; the food there is excellent (especially the arancini and housemade gnocchi!). The atmosphere is laid-back. The new-ish Trattoria Two is also quite good, if not as uniformly outstanding as Trattoria Marcella and Lorenzo's.