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My wife and I will be visitng New York/Manhattan for a vacation. Can any fellow chowhounders recommend good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the village, mid-town or upper west and eastside areas??

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    1. Kate's Joint - sort of a veg. greesy spoon
      Angelica's Kitchen
      Blossom - really nice, more upscale

      1. Zen Palate can be a treat for out-of-towner vegetarians. Asian-influenced dishes prepared with mock-meat products. Couple of locations: http://www.zenpalate.com/home.htm

        1. If you like Indian, try Chennai Garden (E. 27th).

          In the East Village, Angelica Kitchen. Haven't been there in a while, though - not sure if still good.

          Josie's tends to have good vegetarian options (Amsterdam in W.70s or 3rd Ave. in E. 30s).

          I'm not a huge fan of HanGawi (E. 32nd), but lot of people told me they like it. It's a vegetarian Korean place on E. 32nd.

          My vegetarian friend really liked Candle 79 (E. 79th).

          And I've always wanted to try Pure Food and Wine (Irving Pl, near Union Sq.)

          1. I posed a similar question not too long ago. Check out the below thread. N


            1. Try Candle 79. I really loved it and the risotto was delicious. I posted about it here:


              There's also Candle Cafe, which isn't as upscale, but I've never been and can't comment. Zen Palate is good. The hits are usually right on, but the misses can be pretty disappointing. Pure Food and Wine for only if you want to go the raw route, but I've been twice and while it's interesting to see how they use raw ingredients, it's simply too small portions and too expensive to make it worth it. Both times I went I think I had to have a slice or 2 after to feel full (and I'm a pretty small girl).

              1. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. Generally, I like to eat ethnic food and Indian is my favorite. I've tried most of the vegetarian restaurants in the city at one time or another and don't really love any of them. The restaurants I do love make excellent vegetarian food but include other choices as well.
                That said, I've been to Hangawi several times and really enjoyed myself each time.
                Pure Food and Wine is really good but it is raw and therefore, I think, tough to enjoy in this weather.
                I think both Candle Cafe and Zen Palate are very overrated.
                Other than that, I recommend picking good ethnic restaurants (indian, italian, thai, etc...) Almost all non-french restaurants have at least one option, most have several.

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                  If there's one tip I can give, it's to stay away from Zen Palate. Unless you're married to the idea of a strictly vegetarian rest., sample the myriad of ethnic cuisines around town. I've been vegetarian for 30 years and haven't been in a 'veggie' place in close to 15 and that was the dreaded Zen. YUCK!