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Feb 7, 2007 08:30 AM

Manhattan Vegies

My wife and I will be visitng New York/Manhattan for a vacation. Can any fellow chowhounders recommend good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the village, mid-town or upper west and eastside areas??

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    1. Kate's Joint - sort of a veg. greesy spoon
      Angelica's Kitchen
      Blossom - really nice, more upscale

      1. Zen Palate can be a treat for out-of-towner vegetarians. Asian-influenced dishes prepared with mock-meat products. Couple of locations:

        1. If you like Indian, try Chennai Garden (E. 27th).

          In the East Village, Angelica Kitchen. Haven't been there in a while, though - not sure if still good.

          Josie's tends to have good vegetarian options (Amsterdam in W.70s or 3rd Ave. in E. 30s).

          I'm not a huge fan of HanGawi (E. 32nd), but lot of people told me they like it. It's a vegetarian Korean place on E. 32nd.

          My vegetarian friend really liked Candle 79 (E. 79th).

          And I've always wanted to try Pure Food and Wine (Irving Pl, near Union Sq.)

          1. I posed a similar question not too long ago. Check out the below thread. N