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Looking for Korean Fried Chicken In the Area

Was intrigued by the following post about Korean fried chicken in NY Times:


Does anybody know where you could find some in the area? The article made me hungry for some finger lickin good chicken....

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  1. The Washington Post did a similar article last year. It menetioned a place in Centerville...

    1. Here's the review on the Korean fried Chicken in Centerville.


      1. The article mentions an Annandale location, but I can't seem to find out where it is...does anyone know?

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          It just so happen my office is only about 10 mins away, so I stopped by the centerville location. Very sad to find they only do party size platers...

          Here's the other location.
          4300 Evergreen Ln Ste 102 VA 22003

        2. Thank you so much for posting this article! It looks good!

          1. what i want to know is, i know there is "ttong dak" which is plain fried chicken, served with a side of salt (the best bar food)-- but where is the best "ggang poong ki?" (the chicken spicy sweet sticky fried chunks/wings). i havent found any good ones yet and its one of my favorite things ever. besides jjajang myun.

            1. The NY Times article describes a crisp translucent skin with almost no batter, but the pics at the website for Cheogajip (the resto from the WP review) show heavily battered chicken that looks just like Popeye's or KFC. Anybody know where around here you can get something like the Times describes?


              1. Is Korean fried chicken legit korean food, or something akin to chop suey, moo goo gai pan, egg foo young, etc.?

                1. It is legit in that it is served in Korea, but I do not think it has a long standing tradition of fried bone in chicken. I think it went from US to Korea, and now back here. The crust looks really different though. Also different that Katsu (sp?) breading you see in some Korean style dishes. Either way it is on my agenda for the next NYC trip.

                  1. You might want to look online for menus or call some places. I can't think of the name, but there is a small korean place near Aspen Hill that has those. I had them a couple of years ago and they were very good. But its not really considered a specialty or novelty around here (that might change soon) so you might not see it advertised that much.

                    1. I looked for the Annandale location last night, but did not have the suite number, it's a rabbit warren of offices back there, I'll look again tonight. A drive thru (which I can't picture in one of those office complexes) would be perfect!

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                        Not sure if you found it yet but if you are on evergreeen ln. going from LRT to columbia pike it is on yur left hand side about. Look for a building with a "tunnel" or hole in it where you can drive your car thourgh. The tunnel is 20 ft long and it is in there.

                      2. Tried Bon Chon yesterday -- love it! Crispy on the outside, but still nice and juicy on the inside. I have no idea how they manage to sauce the chicken, but don't reduce the crispiness level of the skin.. not soggy at all. They have two flavors available; soy garlic and hot. I got the hot.. and it was really hot for me (my tolerance for heat is not high though). The chicken was served with pickled daikon and coleslaw (I like Cheogajip's version better though).

                        The downside is.. you can't go there when you're very hungry. They fry the chicken on order so it takes quite some time before you get to eat.

                        Bon Chon
                        6653 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003

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                          Tried Bon Chon in Annandale tonight. I got the medium platter, half soy and garlic and half spicy. The taste combination reminds me of General Tso's chicken but much lighter and thus more palatable in quantity. (I wolfed down a medium plate of six drumsticks.) I would come back with friends and order one of the menu combos that include beer. You can call the order ahead if you don't feel like waiting the 30 mins. I think the supposed prep time is a gimmick to add the legend or mystique of the chicken.

                        2. BTW, it is also at Lotte Grocery store.

                          As far a origion is concerned, I bet it came from northern china.