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Feb 7, 2007 08:19 AM

Desperate for calve's feet to buy for recipe!

Where can I buy calve's feet (or beef neck bones as an alternative) for a dish I intend to cook this weekend?

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  1. I cannot say with certainty that the following places will have it as I have not been to them, but I plan on making a Pakistani dish called paya which uses cow or calf's feet, and I was thinking about checking out these places to source it:

    Asian Grocery Store
    9200 N. Lamar

    Taj Grocers
    9515 N. Lamar

    World Food & Halal Market
    9616 N. Lamar

    Shahi Foods
    12410 N. Lamar

    These all apparently have a meat market.

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    1. re: Nab

      i don't know of any asian dishes that use calves' feet, but all of the asian markets in town have a meat counter with hard to find cuts. try the large MT supermarket on north lamar as they have a larger selection.

    2. Fiesta always has those items.

      1. Calves' feet are used in a Brazilian dish called mocotó. Rustic food.

        A store called Ana Brasil on Rockwood across from Sun Harvest sells some frozen cuts of Brazilian meat, picanha, etc, so they might have them...calves' feet. or the foot of one calf. but i'm probably not allowed to say that here....

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        1. re: sambamaster

          i'm ignorant, but curious. is it actually the foot of a calf, or the leg? isn't the foot just a hoof? how is that tasty? is it just used for flavor, or do you eat parts of the foot?

          1. re: yimay

            Yimay and Sambamaster: I'm making P'tcha, an East European/Romanian dish. It is basically congealed (jelled) broth and minced meat, with lots of garlic, served cold. It does not include hooves but rather the lower leg. On a lighter note: I use the term "calve's feet" because there is not a great probability of purchasing 2 feet from the same calf, not that it is of any importance. And I doubt that any calf would sell them to me anyway.

            1. re: avi

              oh avi i didn't see this when i replied before. you can also get the leg meat from a Paki grocer...I know just the cut you want, the one that turns really extremely tender when cooked for a long time...ask for a cut called "machli" or "nihaari" it is that calf part on the back of the leg.

            2. re: yimay

              Yimay, the dish paya that I refer to uses the leg and the hoof. When you cook it for a long period of time, it results in a very rich, gelatinous kind of curry, much in the same way cooking bones/marrow does.

              Here's a pic of a batch I made a while ago (not a very good pic mind you):

          2. I've only seen pig's feet around here around Austin. As for the beef neck bones, I've occasionally seen them at HEB (can't remember which one down south), but typically it's pork neck bones. However, they do normally have beef soup bones which are typically crossections of one of the leg bones from what I can tell.

            If you are looking for something that has a lot of beef collagen you might try using beef tendons which most of the asian grocery stores carry. It's normally next to the pig ears and tongues.

            1. Check out your local hispanic meat market (or Carniceria.) There are always tons in most Hispanic neighborhoods.They always have cows feet.

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              1. re: Fuser

                I'd forgotten that...La Michoacana has them in spades...well, not in spades, actually, but in their meat counter...can I say that?
                While you're there, have some of their excellent chow...amazing huaraches for about $2.50...

                1. re: sambamaster

                  All of the Paki grocers will provide you with paya (also called trotters, sounds nicer than cow foot), but you have to request in advance and specify how many you want. A normal paya recipe would be about 6-8. Be sure to ask for paya with the skin on to get full flavor, plus you can throw in some ox-tail or stock bones.

                  I think one of the grocers...Taj... listed above is owned by pure vegetarian Hindus, plz don't go there and ask for cow feet.