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Feb 7, 2007 08:13 AM

V-Day dinner for a guy who only like nachos?

I told the bf I'd cook him valentines dinner. I mostly cook asian and south american foods, he generally doesn't seem overly thrilled with him. I know he likes sushi, fish and chips and nachos, but I don't really want to cook barfood for valentines day, and I'm not sure that is the best time to attempt sushi for the first time.
Any suggestion about what might work well?

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  1. Well, you could make him supreme gourmet nachos..

    For example, instead of topping the chipps with beef and beans, you could do nachos with feta, grilled peppers, chick peas and smoked salmon.

    Or you could top them withchpped sushi fish (salmon, tuna, yellowtail), edamame, sushi radish, pickled ginger, spicy sushi mayo, seaweed, and salmon roe.

    Or what about topping them with braised shredded lamb, hummous, baba ganouj, mediterranian peppers and tahini?

    For dessert, you could make "sweet nachos" with some of those cinnamong flavored chips or pita chips with cinnamon (i KNOW I've seen them at TJ's or Whole foods) and drizzled with white and dark chocolate. YUM!

    1. Is he a rib guy? You could make ribs or wings and roasted potatoes (instead of fries). A bit different than nachos or fish and chips.

      I like Diana's upscale nacho ideas. You could also use striploin instead of ground beef, with gorgonzola.

      1. call me anti-houndish, but if V-day is about love then cook the man what HE prefers, even if it is natchos with orange cheese and jalepenos out of a can.

        1. Wait, isn't Valentine's Day a day for the lady to be feted?

          Next year, make him some delicious seven layer nachos for the Super Bowl and then have him take YOU out a nice restaurant for V-Day.

          1. I haven't made this but a Mexican Lasagna sounds like it might be right up his alley.