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Need Sonoma rest. for proposal

My friend is proposing to his girlfriend this weekend...he is staying in Sonoma and needs the perfect restaurant in which to do it...any suggestions?

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  1. Just to clarify for everyone, is it Sonoma the town or Sonoma county?

    1. Sonoma the town...I think:)

      1. The General's Daughter ... and tell them about it ahead of time so they can do something nice.

          1. General's Daughter was right on the money. Beautiful room, quiet areas, perfect mood, great food. If you eat on the square, you have picture windows putting you on display. At GD, you have the opportunity to get a nice table in an alcove, with some privacy.

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              I had neither a quiet area, nor a picture window, nor a table in an alcove, and no privacy on my visit, despite my request for a quiet and romantic table for our anniversary. (I did post on it but can't find it). I can't recommend it based on my one visit, but if you do go and a good table is that important I not only would tell them what I want, I'd get it in writing! If I had been proposed to that night, I would have felt that the mood was pretty much ruined by the poor service and lack of attention to our comfort (not to mention sort of lackluster food).

              Obviously, of course, getting such a promise in writing from a restaurant is really not realistic, let's face it. In truth, this is one reason why I am not that fond of the idea of proposals in restaurants anyway: you really don't have enough control over the situation. If I were the girl in question I'd much rather get the proposal in somewhere more private, and then go to celebrate after. but that's just me.

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                Here's your report

                That does have my report from a few years ago and I'm only repearting it because it has some of the ambiance I enjoyed.

                And this is a lot in between.

                I thought about your post, but I couldn't think of a nicer restaurant in Sonoma.

                I have rarely had warm service at the girl & the fig and it just doesn't seem right. I like La Salette. I guess on a rainy weekend with the fire in the oven blazing and a nice list of ports & sherries ... that could be a nice place ... but the room itself is a little, I don't know, stark isn't the right word, but not romantic enough.. Deuce is a snotty food disaster.

                Of what I'ver read from some of the other places, I don't know. Lots of places struck me as good food, but none struck me as proposal-worthy. The few places I just peaked into had tables too close together.

                You did have an unusal situation with two large parties, so maybe ask if there are any big parties going on that night. Also asking to speak to one of the owners, Bettie Hall, personally might up the chances of getting the best of the best treatment for the situation.

                You can always tell her how important the event is and just wanted to speak to her personally to ensure all goes well. From the one time I met her at the restaurant, she was just so charming and really working to make sure customers were having the best time.

                Anyway here's a link to the restaurant with pictures.

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                  Thanks for finding my post, rw!

                  I do agree with you about the lack of other choices. La Salette seems a bit too casual, and girl and fig a bit too crowded (though a few of the patio tables are nice, but then again, that won't work in winter...)...I haven't been to Cafe La Haye yet but it sounds small and casual also (I am going there soon so will remedy my lack of knowledge)...

                  I'd choose a non-restaurant option, but yes, if I had to choose a restaurant in the City of Sonoma, I *might* go with GD, but only if I had spoken with the owners first and followed some of your suggestions. That said, there was nothing in the food that was compelling enough to make me want to go back and give them another shot on a quieter day....

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                    Cafe La Haye's long-time exec. chef has just retired. You might want to give the new guy a little more time in grade.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      hmmm... thanks for the heads up. I do need a place in Sonoma, since will be joining my father and stepmother for our joint birthday dinner (Stepmom's is the day before mine and we definiteliy owe them dinner somewhere nice after they picked up a few dinners in England recently.)

                      I'd love to go back to La Salette, but they weren't as enthusiastic when we went together once. and we always seem to end up at Girl and the Fig. Am I missing anything else?

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                        What about that Harvest Moon Cafe rec. That is next on my list when I eat in Sonoma. In the back of my mind there's a place called The Farm, but I'm not sure if it is in Napa or Sonoma. No one has reported about it though. It only got a mention.

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                          thanks for the second mention; this one wasn't on my radar....I may check it out!