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Feb 7, 2007 07:50 AM

Rose Tree Cottage closing/moving?

Noticed on my morning commute that Rose Tree Cottage's got a giant "Closing Sale" banner hanging in front of it. Checked out the Web site which has an ominous "Rose Tree Cottage Under Threat?" link which talked about re-zoning that area for a condo (but with no specific dates), along with the usual write to your city councilmember schbeal (wish I could, but I don't live in Pasadena).

Can this be? Should I reserve for this weekend before it comes down? (I've heard generally positive things about the place from CH boards).


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  1. Yes, Pasadena is working on one of its wonderful "projects". Apparently they are tearing down the adorable historical cottages and are going to build "affordable housing" in its place. I have heard rumors that Rose Tree Cottage will be relocating to Pasadena Avenue (the street that runs next to the freeway). It makes me sick. I would definitely go if you can. I love it. I wonder if it will be the nice place it was when I went before all this crazyness took place, since they may have a bad taste in their mouth.

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      They are not tearing down those historic cottages. They are going to transform the cottages into the affordable housing portion of yet another spanking new yet-to-be-built condo building across from Madre's.
      Am very glad to hear the owners of Rose Tree have already found a new location.

      1. re: slacker

        Exactly. Here's the proposed development...cottages are the "off-site" mitigation provided to meet requirements for affordable component. Have always loved the Rose Tree so hopefully the new location will have a similar charm and garden.