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Feb 7, 2007 07:46 AM

The better lean cuisine items

Ok I'm on a diet and have tried several lean cuisine items. My favorites so far are Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans, Burgundy Beef and Chicken in Peanut Sauce. I don't like the pizza (although the insert allows for a crisp crust from the microwave). Any other suggestions?


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  1. In their Spa Cuisine line, there's a salmon with brown rice that's decent (as far as frozen lean cuisine dinners go)

    If you have Amy's frozen food ( around you, some of the Indian inspired dishes are very good - Saag Paneer, etc. They are vegetarian.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      The Thai chicken and the Sesame Chicken are good. And there is an enchillada one that's good. The turkey and dressing with apples dessert is real good. Most things I have tried have been fine, as long as I pick out the broccoli or green beans. They just don't freeze and reheat well. Remember when I say good, I mean compared to other frozen dinners.

    2. I like
      Chicken Enchilada Suiza with Mexican-Style Rice
      Roasted Garlic Chicken
      Three Cheese Chicken
      Chicken Pecan (with brown rice)
      Southwest-style Chicken Panini

      oh, and their mac & cheese is pretty popular too

      1. I like the salisbury steak w/mac and cheese (or is it mashed potatoes--can't remember) and the swedish meatballs.

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          Wasn't in love with the salisbury steak and mash (caused a sense memory for me from my grade school cafeteria). Loved the Swedish meatballs!

          1. re: Chinon00

            I agree on the swedish meatballs. A bit salty but tasty overall.

        2. The thai chicken and lemongrass chicken are both very good.

          The chicken in peanut sauce is good, but not as good as it used to be. Personally, the only ones I like are the chicken and the vegetarian. The beef and seafood ones I don't find very edible.

          Concur that Amy's meals are far superior to lean cuisine. The Indian meals are around 300 calories, and I believe the black bean and corn enchilada is under 300, so they are not much higher than the lean cuisines.

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          1. re: DanaB

            My favorite Amy's is the vegetable lasagna, which I believe is right about 300 calories.

          2. The Fettucine Alfredo is my go to but I first saute an onion, basket of mushrooms and a bunch of spinach in a drop of olive oil or just spray w/ Pam. Then nuke the Lean Cuisine and mix altogether. Gives you lots of veggies, volume, and flavor, and there really is enuf sauce to bring it all together.