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Feb 7, 2007 07:41 AM

Downtown Crossing Lunch?

Very short notice, but I'm going to be in the Downtown Crossing area today for lunch, probably within the next hour or so. I've had the Chacarero sandwitch, and it's great, but I'm looking for a place we can sit. I'm having a ring sized at the Jewelers Exchange building, so something within a reasonable walking distance from there would be preferred in this cold weather. Any ideas? Open to all types of food.

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  1. If a Chacarero sandwich is what you crave, they now have an indoor branch with seating right around the corner on Province Street.

    1. That's behind the giant Borders on Washington Street. On the same street as LaGrassa's which is another option.

      There is also a branch of the Low Fat/No Fat Cafe if you continue down Washington Street away from Gov't Center, on the left.

      1. On Bromfield Street - Silvertone and Tequila Mexican Grill are both sit down places with yummy lunches.

        1. The paninis at Troquet are good, a little bit of a walk tho. I think Vinalia does lunch.