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Feb 7, 2007 07:28 AM

Pho at Bay/King/Adelaide???

Is there anything? No food court pho.

Or close by?

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  1. I'd have to say the sad answer is no. I work at King and Adelaide and your only hope is to head towards Chinatown or a food court.

    There are two places in the Richmond Adelaide food court almost right beside each other. Noodle Concept has a nice spicy noodle soup, not really pho and the newer place (sorry, no name) has a more traditional pho which I haven't tried yet but my co-worker says is good.

    Here's an old thread on a similar discussion:

    1. Finally tried the pho today at Saveurs de Saigon (Richmond Adelaide Centre food court). Holler!! Pho in the core!

      Not the *best* pho I've ever had, but it met my needs, maybe a 3.5/5. Broth was well seasoned, beef a bit fatty for my liking, but came with hoisin, sriracha, lime, and bird chiles on the side. Another bonus is that it wasn't packaged in styrofoam, but in recyclable plastic instead.

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        Aha, that's the name of the place. I'll be trying it soon, thanks for review / rating. Apparently they offered Banh Mi when they started as well but I asked a few times and they had none.

      2. try the Hanoi 3 Seasons on gerrard at broadview
        ceap, cheerful and excellent food