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Feb 7, 2007 07:25 AM

Sides for big a BBQ

It is my nieces 11th b-day and on Sunday they will have about 25 people over for an all day bbq. The menu consits of grilled pork tenderloin, ribs, salad and orzo with roasted veg. I am trying to come up with one other big side dish that is both adult and kid friendly. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!!

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  1. Why not do a grown up version of mac and cheese---I make one from cooking light that uses white cheddar and swiss with onions a red peppers for a little nutrition ---its around 30% calories from fat and makes a nice main for any vegetarians. It also uses cavatapi (spirals instead of the mac so it looks "classy")---

    Cheesy Baked Cavatappi with Onions and Peppers---June 2005

    You can find it online if you subscribe, otherwise there's always the library. I can't really post it here as its proprietary.

    1. The mac and cheese was my first thought as well but then we already have that big pasta dish- (she is using bow-tie pasta in place of orzo). I was thinking it might be kind of redundant- what do you think?

      1. Now I am thinking either a big pot of baked beans or homemade cornbread.... Any fave. recipes?

        1. corn bread and/or baked kids love them both!

          1. Try a german style, vinegar based potato salad. No worries about it having to stay refreidgerated. A vinegar based cole slaw works well also.