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Feb 7, 2007 07:09 AM

Braised meat dish for soon to be in-laws

I am very close with my boyfriends parents and they often come over for dinner- I love to cook but i feel like i always make the same thing every time they come- I want to "wow" them with a dish and i was thinking maybe braising would do the trick. Any favorite recipes for osso bucco, short ribs or any other types of meat you would reccomend??? Thanks so much in advanced for any input!!!

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  1. Short ribs are a wow dish (to me). Both Zuni and All About Braising have excellent recipes. Here are the links to the cookbook of the month. Many HC hounds have braised the shortribs and have added useful tips as well as tantalizing pictures. I also found in ABB, the braised bacon spaghetti carbonara was also a wow dish. At the very least, it was a scrape the bottom of the bowl for every last bacon bit, kind of dish.

    Another wow dish, although not braised, is the Zuni Roast Chicken with the Bread Salad.

    If you don't have the books, I borrowed both books from my local library. There are also links to various recipes in the above threads.

    1. A braised dish is a great choice because it can be made in advance and simply reheated. You can also adjust the flavors easily at that time. I like a simple carbonnade...

      1. Maybe Boeuf Bourguignon?

        But the Zuni CAfe Chicken and Bread Salad IS spectacular, I agree

        1. One easy braise for beef (short ribs are a good choice) is sauteed shallots, elephant garlic, and mushrooms added to one can whole pitted black olives and enough red wine to get the liquid up to the proper level for braising. Once the meat is in, cover the entire thing, meat, liquid and all with a thin layer of honey and braise away. The reduced liquid also makes an excellent sauce.

          1. I have done many roast chickens but never a zuni chicken- I love a roast chicken and will be trying this one soon but for this night I was kind of looking for a meat that melts in your mouth and everyone cant stop talking about.... maybe served with a creamy polenta?

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              Definitely short ribs served with a creamy polenta. A major wow dish!