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Feb 7, 2007 07:08 AM

Piece of Chicken

There is some shop that opened up called Piece of Chicken or something. It's on 45th street (between 8th and 9th) right around the corner from 9th avenue across from La Paloma. Apparently the shop is the kitchen to some restaurant offering 1 dollar pieces of fried chicken, catfish, whiting, macaroni and cheese and collard greens and other stuff. The reason why it's so cheap is because the pieces they give are probably not restaurant presentable pieces of meat. The food is not bad and for a buck a piece it's a great snack after work before dinner. It's take out only though.

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  1. I've had the mac and cheese - not so great and the portion was probably 2 forkfuls . . .

      1. re: adam

        Chicken is alright and somewhat different from fast food chains, it was some kind of white meat piece. I like popeyes better though. The portion sizes are weird, my whiting was small like the size of my large thumb, the caftish piece i got was much much much larger. I had a decent size scoop of mac and cheese, much more than a couple of fork fulls. The mac and cheese was alright as it wasn't bottom of the barrel mac and cheese from a box. I'm not saying it's the best place to eat, it's just good for snacking.

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        1. am eating the fried catfish, man 'n' cheese, and collards as i type: the catfish has a really flavorful breading that makes it quite tasty. the mac 'n' cheese is not particularly cheesy - the main flavor is from the pepper. collards are over-spiced with something i can't quite put my finger on, but they're vegetarian so i shouldn't complain. the portions are indeed small, but for a $5 plate this is the best lunch deal around for this kind of stuff since the Caribbean truck disappeared from 42nd. This is the kitchen for Jezebel's, by the way.

        2. Just tried this place, today, for lunch. It's insanely inexpensive, but I'm not sure I'd go back for anything except maybe the catfish or liver.

          In order of preference, I had:

          fried catfish
          crispy chicken liver
          collard greens
          bbq bit o' rib
          fried chicken

          The catfish wasn't too bad: the piece was a decent size, needed a little more frying for a really nice, crisp, brown crust. The chicken livers were tasty (unless the idea of chicken liver is intrinsically horrific to you), just a bit overcooked and too greasy. All their fried food could've used a bit of blotting to keep it crispier, longer, actually.

          Collard greens were so so--pale in comparison to the southern version slow-cooked with ham hocks that I remember from my childhood. These just didn't any of the depth of flavor I expect from competently prepared collard greens.

          The ribs were tough and dry--not slow cooked--in an oversweet barbecue sauce. The fried chicken was overcooked and tough, the crust insubstantial and not particularly flavorful.

          Everything was a dollar except for the catfish. That was $2.

          All of this made a filling--but not uncomfortably large--lunch for an under 100 lb. person.

          It's a great find for the price, but unless you are on a budget and/or have unlimited calorie expenditure, I wouldn't go too far out of my way.

          Thanks very much for sharing the find, though, randumbposter! I loooove holes in the wall, in general. I think your description of this one is spot on.