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Feb 7, 2007 07:02 AM

Nijiya Market, San Jose opening Sun 2/11/07

From their website the Nijiya Market will have their Grand Opening Sun. 2/11/07.

Nijiya Market
240 Jackson St (in SJ Japantown)
SJ CA 95112

Hrs: 10am-9pm


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  1. Great! I'm looking forward to being able to buy bento lunch boxes to go, and also to having a place near downtown SJ where I can buy very fresh fish. Until the Whole Foods on the Alameda opens, the fish selection around here is poor.

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    1. re: teela brown

      Something I like from the San Mateo Niji-ya is their take-out Diamond Chirashii, which consists (usually) of unagi, tamago, ikura, and tuna over rice (sometimes I've seen tako substituted for the unagi). I've never seen this combination before and neither had my Japanese mother-in-law (visiting from Japan). She really liked it too. Yummy!

      1. re: Wendy_san

        The version with salmon instead of tuna is good, too.

    2. There should be some interesting sales for the grand opening, just like there was for the San Mateo location (can't quite remember what they were though).

      1. Last week, one of the free Japanese weeklies had a grand opening sales flyer insert for the new SJ location. There's about 28 items on sale. Sales are in effect from 2/11 to 2/14 at the SJ store only.
        Some of the sale items include:
        Tuna sashimi -14.99/lb
        Yellowtail sashimi - 12.99/lb
        Octopus sashimi - 9.99/lb
        Salmon roe soaked in soy sauce - 14.99/lb
        Pocky - 0.50
        Kikkoman soy sauce, 1 L - 1.00
        First 300 paying customers get a 6-pc Cafe Kobo mini cream puff set.

        1. i have never been to a mitsuwa market, which i understand there is a branch of in san jose. i've heard a lot of praise about the chain. that said, i'm curious about the interest in nijiya. living in san francisco, i was a little disappointed when nijiya replaced maruwa. not only because of the loss of local business, but because all of a sudden i couldn't purchase, say, a single eggplant or cucumber. now you have to buy a plastic-wrapped styrofoam tray of, say, six eggplants or cucumbers. and nijiya in general is not cheap, either. and while i appreciate the history and familiarity of uoki or super mira (and the thursday delivery of san jose tofu when i get the chance to go there), i feel the general selection is a little sparse in comparison. so, having never been to a mitsuwa, i'm wondering if there is real cause to be excited about a nijiya market opening in san jose. maybe the SF one is just really disappointing, and lacking in some of the features of the other branches? and has anyone else noticed that the nijiya in SF will feature fish in their sushi/sashimi counter that is several days old, graying, and watery?

          1. Hey, it's open today. I was in Japantown for lunch, and their doors were wide open and people were shopping. The clerk said today was their "soft opening". I went in and picked up a few items and wished I hadn't already eaten, because their bento sushi and chirashi looked glisteningly fresh and yummy. For such a small store, they had a nice selection of all the items I usually look for in a Japanese market. Now I don't have to drive all the way up to Saratoga to buy what I need!