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Feb 7, 2007 06:58 AM

Au Pied de Cochon?

Has anyone been to the Au PIed de Cochon in Georgetown lately? I've read a few reviews about it on the board, but those were from a few years ago. Any thoughts/recommendations regarding dishes there or experiences?

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  1. Gone. It's now the newest 5 Guys. Just what we need. No more Yevgeny Yurteshenko memorial seat.

    1. IIUC, the owners moved it and it's now called Au Pied Bistro on M Street. I don't know if even that still exists.

      1. I think it's cleaner than it used to be. It's an all night spot, so popular with the students I guess.

        1. Au Pied Bistro closed too.
          At 5 Guys, they preserved the Yevegeny Yurteshenko seat.

          1. I can't believe its not there anymore! I had a great anniversary lunch there and remeber it fondly. I do remember that it was a bit dirty.